Tuesday, 6 October 2009

From Monkeys To Russel

Alexander McCall Smith stages an opera about baboons.

Eurocrime reviews Aline Templeton's DEAD IN THE WATER.

Norm at Crimescraps continues his Philip Kerr fest with part one of an interview.

Robert Carlyle blames the UK government for the decline in the UK film industry and the reason Irvine Welsh's THE MEAT TRADE (to star Carlyle and Colin Firth) has not been made.

Aly Monroe on recipes her character Peter Cotton would eat. All of a sudden I feel really peckish for some reason...

And the winner of Russel McLean's THE LOST SISTER is Alison B who was the only person who got the actual answer to the question 'Russel is a 'fun guy', but if you don't want him to vomit all over your shoes, what item of food should you not offer him?' The answer was, of course, MUSHROOMS. All the other first answers were incorrect, albeit very entertaining. So, Alison, if you would like to e-mail me your address I shall send the book off to you. And thanks to everyone who entered!


  1. Oh Donna! That's awwwful! and now I feel stupid for not getting it :-)

  2. Good glue, slow uptake.

  3. Of course! But why did he eat it then? Was it part of a marketing stunt? :P

  4. LOL. Sorry Tim. There wasn't mush room for error...bah-boom.

    Karin - it's just my warped brain. I shall make it less ridiculous next time.

    Nicolai - I believe he at the mushrooms in error, on a plane, without realising that the mushroom shaped thing was a mushroom...