Thursday, 28 May 2009

Indiana Jones Meets Bridget Jones

Well, I have to say, I'm rather enjoying this blogging lark.

Ian Rankin talks in a Scottish TV interview about his forthcoming book THE COMPLAINTS (which could possibly be the start of a new series), writing misery cook books, and his pop debut as backing vocalist for Edinburgh band St Jude's Infirmary. I love their stuff and this is one of my favourite tracks.

Next up is a brief review from The List of Helen Fitzgerald's new book MY LAST CONFESSION. I am curious to try one of her books as apparently she writes the strange combination of noir chick lit. Has anyone read her? Noir chick lit reminds me of last year's Crimefest (which, by the way, is a great convention and heartily recommended). I was moderating a panel called Big Bellies and asked my panellists to write the first paragraph of a book in a genre other than crime fiction. The delightful Chris Ewan (who I am sure I can adopt for Badsville since he comes from the Isle of Man which is right next to Scotland by my calculations) came up with a brilliant combination of Indiana Jones and Bridget Jones. Since I can't actually directly link to it on his blog I'm going to post it here and hope he doesn't sue me.

Indiana Jones Diary - by Chris Ewan

Saturday 7th June, 2008

Weight: 12 st 9; alcohol units: 16; Nazis killed: 2 and a half

Noon. London. My research lab.

Ugh. Desiccated archaeological bones and a vile hangover. It’s the morning after Spielberg’s costume party, and I’m still wearing my kitsch explorer outfit. At least am not smoking (for am now fabulous star of family movie franchise). And am definitely not dwelling on night of Spielberg emotional fuckwittage. Am poised, confident female adventurer with Nicole Fahri bullwhip and super-zany sidekicks, Short Round and Jocasta. Ugh. Have forgotten dreaded black-tie event with that awful bore Lucas tonight. Must call Harvey Nicks and begin epic quest for the Legendary Cashmere Shawl of Knightsbridge. Am determined to look sensational and refined (and also to rescue temple of enslaved children in commendable act of charity).

Love it.

There are a couple of events coming up which look good. Getting slaughtered in Falkirk is a regular occurence, but here's a new twist on it, with authors Allan Guthrie, Denise Mina, Karen Campbell and Reg McKay on Saturday May 30th. Somebody (I'm looking at you Mr Guthrie) didn't tell me this earlier or I would have been there. Sadly, I can't go as my dance card is now full for the day.

In addition, Helen Fitzgerald, Allan Guthrie and Tony Black will be doing an event in Edinburgh West End Watersone's at 6pm on Thursday 25th June, tickets are £1. £1? For three top crime writers? A bargain, I tell you.

And finally, a friend of mine volunteers for the Make A Wish Foundation, which grants magical wishes to children and young people with life-threatening illnesses. She is helping with some fundraising at the moment, and her job is to organise a raffle. I suggested that she puts together a prize basket with signed crime fiction books, so, if anyone would like to donate a signed book, please e-mail me at bigbeatfrombadsville at googlemail dot com. Thank you :o)


  1. Funnily enough, I just reviewed the prequel to THE LAST CONFESSION. It is an odd combination, but surprisingly refreshing, even for a fat, old chauvinist like me.

  2. Thanks - you fat, old chauvinist (and I can say that - since I am fatter and older than you :o) ) I shall definitely give her a try.

  3. I've read Dead Lovely by Helen F (not sure if that is the "prequel"!) and enjoyed it - my review is submitted to Euro Crime. The ending was a bit out of synch with the rest of the book (in fact, the only part of it that I thought justified the label of "chick lit noir"), but I enjoyed reading it on the train to crimefest. Easy reading, that's for sure.

  4. Thanks Maxine - she definitely sounds like one to try.