Thursday, 23 July 2009

On Superheroes and Caber Tossing

I'm off to Harrogate for a flying visit tomorrow. I'm hoping to post while I'm away, but just in case I don't, that's why. Not that anyone will care, but my Dad might have googled me again, in which case my Mum will be reading and if I miss posting for a day she will automatically assume that I have been abducted and sold into slavery.

Anyway, for those in Edinburgh this weekend - the Gathering. It's not all about tartan and bagpipes - there's also Alexander McCall Smith and Diana Gabaldon. And I believe that Big Al Guthrie will be doing some caber tossing - at least until he's arrested anyway.

And talking of Allan Guthrie, here's an excellent interview with him where, despite protestations to the contrary, he proves that he does actually know some stuff after all.

An interesting piece on noir comics. "Superheroes still dominate comics but “The Hunter” is part of a surge in noir-minded projects that owe far more to the bloodied pulp of Westlake, James M.Cain and Jim Thompson than they do the cosmic melodramas of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. Next month, DC Comics, publisher of the bright-hued Superman, is launching a new imprint called Vertigo Crime that will be populated by bloodthirsty lovers and mob enforcers. The first releases are the sexed-up murder tale “Filthy Rich” by Brian Azzarello and Victor Santos and “Dark Entries,” a locked-room mystery written by Scottish crime novelist Ian Rankin."

Rosemary Goring of the Sunday Herald casts a bit of a grumpy eye over the offerings at the Edinburgh Book Festival.

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