Thursday, 26 November 2009

Bad Sex and Nymphomaniac Nuns

Alex Gray's play about domestic abuse, IN MEMORIAM, staged at Paisley's Outrage Conference.

The Australian Independent Weekly calls Philip Kerr's IF THE DEAD RISE NOT 'hypnotic'. And, talking of Philip Kerr, more on the Literary Review's bad sex award (at the bottom, right after the piece on how easy it is to abscond from an open prison (really? I'm shocked)),

A pretty good showing from Scotland in's best of 2009 list.

The serial novel - apparently, Alexander McCall Smith was 'put up to it' by Armistead Maupin. And finally, on the topic of Alexander McCall Smith, apparently he is being stalked by a man who's written a book called 'When The Beer Runs Out', about a man stranded on a ship crewed by nymphomaniac nuns. I just have one question - why is the guy worried about beer? Sorry, it's from the Mail Online and there's two thirds of a page of rubbish to wade through before you get to this bit.


  1. That serial by Alexander McCall Smith is The Dog Who Came in from the Cold!! Nympho nuns and doggies all in one post. Truly am I blest.

  2. Sir Philip - I aim to please!