Saturday, 23 October 2010

'Reports of my death...' and all that

Dear Reader - apologies for the long hiatus between postings. I was hoping to send lots of fascinating and scintillating reports from my trip to Bouchercon in San Francisco, followed by a few days with my lovely friend Christa Faust and then a trip to Murder By The Book in Houston. However, the best laid plans of mice and Donnas and all that. Instead, I had a trip to Hospital A with suspected meningitis, decided I didn't like that potential diagnosis so came home, only for it to be followed by a swift trip to Hospital B with suspected pneumonia. I decided I wasn't particularly keen on that diagnosis either. However, I stayed in Hospital B until we had parlayed it down to chest infection, some sort of flu, and 5 day migraine from hell, amongst other things. As a result, I missed getting hugs from, and spending quality time with, some of my favourite people. Gutted, moi? Totally. Instead, I spent not-so-quality time in hospital with The Loud Family, Sweary Man, Biscuit Stealing Man and Totally Bonkers Woman.

I am now just about on the mend and back in the land of the blogging. Thanks to everyone who has worried about me, sent me e-mails and tweets and phoned me to see how I am. I apologise if I haven't answered your message, or sounded slightly incoherent on the phone. I will try and catch up over the next couple of days.

My enforced silence has also meant that I have been unable to bully...errrrr...remind you about the Ramones short story thing. But look at this - Douglas Lindsay, genius author of the darkly hilarious Barney Thomson series, has written me a short story! How brilliant is that? Read PINHEAD here. And it's a Barney story, too. Thanks Douglas, I'm beaming with joy here.

And a reminder of the earlier one from the charming Nigel at Sea Minor with MERRY CHRISTMAS (I DON'T WANT TO FIGHT TONIGHT).

The target date was 1st November, but if anyone who has said they are in - or, indeed, anyone who hasn't said anything at all on the matter - would like more time, no problem! And anyone who doesn't have a blog, I would love to post your story here (I already have a great one of those which was delicious fun to read from my dear friend Bobbie, with her first foray into fiction. So, Dad, how's about it?). On 1st November (or thereabouts), I will link to all the stories, and post the others here. And remember, the rules are few, and it would really, really help a girl get better.

Thanks again, all. It might be a few days before I can get back to proper news postings, but I'll be around to read comments and e-mails now.


  1. I am *so* relieved, Donna!

    *mumbling evilly* I would have hated wasting hours on that Ramones story ..

    I have a story for you - but not until Monday the first. And just to make you reeealllly curious: I think you are going to love the photo.

    Get well soon!

  2. You were much missed at B'con, and in Houston, too. Glad you're back and feeling better!

  3. Glad you're okay, kidder. Take it sleazy!

  4. Donna - So glad you're OK! I'm sorry you had such a horrible time of it, though. We've missed you... Take care of yourself.

  5. Donna- you are a funny lady, but it sounds like you went through a very tough time. Take care and we are all pleased that you are feeling better.

  6. Looked all over for you in SF! Sorry you were so sick. Get well soon!

  7. I just assumed you were in America and having too good a time to post - damn! So sorry to hear about all this, dollface, but deighted that you are on the mend. Take good care, m'dear - we'll have a wee natter soon! J xxx

  8. You were sorely missed and we were worried. So glad you're feeling better!

  9. So sorry we weren't able to meet face to face in SF, but happy you're on your feet again!

  10. happy to see you're on the mend and looking forward to Biscuit Stealing Man and Totally Bonkers Woman cropping up in a story soon.

  11. I don't know. Whenever I envy someone for doing/having what I want (in this case going to SF) something bad happens to them. I'm really very sorry.
    Btw, I reckon you're still raving a wee bit. Take some more time off?

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  13. Gee your health care system is better than ours, allowing you to keep going until you get a diagnosis you can live with.

    Glad to read that you are finally on the mend and although I am sorry for you that you missed out on your trip something tells me that we'll get better blog posts and future stories out of your hospital visits so I'm not 100% gutted (of course that's selfish but it is all about me after all)

  14. You were much missed at Bouchercon, and it's good to hear you're getting better. San Francisco's shoe sellers are still in mourning.
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    "Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

  15. Methinks you've had a rough go, Donna dear. So keep healing! No, not high heels, girl, HEAL! Thanks for this post, we know you are still able to blog. Please let's hope it was not me making my first fiction foray---wow, you know I like those 'f' words. :-)--that caused your hurts and hospitalizations. And yes, everyone, write Ramones stories! :-) It's actually fun. :-)

    Best wishes, Donna!

  16. Glad to hear you're on the mend,D.

  17. Peter, they'll all go out of business now. I hadn't thought of that side effect.

  18. Dorte - I look forward to it!

    Bill - not as much as I missed you guys :o(

    Paul - sleazy as possible :o)

    Margot - thank you m'dear.

    Norman - it hasn't been very pleasant, but I'm well on the mend now thank you!

    Karin - sorry I missed you.

    Jools - any time dollface!

    Dame Judith - aw thanks m'dear!

    Vince - it would have been great to finally meet you and Rosemary.

    Nigel - oh I am SURE they will :o)

    Jose - gracias mi amigo.

    Ms Witch - raving, moi?

    Bernadette - of course it is!

    Peter - I had my visit to DSW Show Warehouse all planned...

    Bobbie - your first fiction foray caused comforting convalescence instead of irritating illness :o) And I am glad you found writing the story fun cos it was a lot of fun to read :o)

    Michael - me too - thank you!

    Thanks all for your kind comments. xxx

  19. Hope you're feeling better. I've been in hospital with the Loud Family (reunion edition), 24-Hour-TV Woman, and Is She Sleeping Or Dead Old Lady. The last one was the easiest roommate. None of them were fun. The food was nearly fatal.

    But it's too bad you missed all the fun stuff. Maybe next year. And I hear Bouchercon 2014 is going to be in my home town! Something to look forward to.


  20. Lymaree - when I was 13 or so I fractured my knee and ended up in an adult ward as there was no room in the childrens' ward. It was just before Christmas and some kind soul brought round boxes of chocolates (Milk Tray, it was)the day before Christmas Eve. There were maybe 10 of us in the ward and we all had our boxes on our night stands. We were woken up at 4 in the morning by the moaning and groaning of an elderly lady who was sitting on the floor in the middle of the ward, surrounded by chocolate wrappers. She had eaten every single chocolate out of all 10 boxes (she hadn't even left the coffee ones). Needless to say, she was feeling pretty ill :o)

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