Thursday, 12 January 2012

Has it really been a week?

Hello, world, I'd forgotten what you look like. You're really rather lovely, aren't you?

Essays are done, but were swiftly followed by more whooshing deadlines. This week's involved me sitting on a bus listening to conversations. This almost led to me getting my wee head kicked in. But it was fun. I also spent two and a half hours going through a large bin of shredded paper trying to piece together something which should never have been shredded. Successfully, I may add. I felt like I was in a really long, very boring version of CSI Glasgow.

Anyway, just a wee Scottish crime fiction update.

Some Sherlock stuff first: a review of the film A GAME OF SHADOWS, and another one, and Steven Moffat on the TV Sherlock (which I'm really enjoying).

Alex Gray, Caro Ramsay, G J Moffat and Craig Robertson at the Pitlochry Festival from January 27th.

A review of Ian Rankin's THE IMPOSSIBLE DEAD, one of Kate Atkinson's STARTED EARLY, TOOK MY DOG, Josephine Tey's THE MAN IN THE QUEUE and reviews of Alexander McCall Smith's THE FORGOTTEN AFFAIRS OF YOUTH and THE RIGHT ATTITUDE TO RAIN.

Peter May on the Quercus Couch.

Peter Rozovsky at Detectives Beyond Borders gets into Allan Guthrie's shorts.

A really interesting interview with Louise Welsh about Scotland.

Hopefully, I will get back to normal posting some time soon...maybe by July...


  1. oh no - ye didnae tell us what happened on the bus!

    1. Michael - I'd rather gloss over it - but it involved me leaning too far forward to earwig on a conversation... :o)

  2. Yes, Donna, tell us about your recent bus happening! Glad your wee head is intact! And your shredding is intact!

    I just finished Rankin's The Impossible Dead, loved it, and this article is very good, thanks. He's a master, and it shows in his writing--I didn't think I'd ever go forward after Rebus, but I am--and Fox is so different, so well written.

    The Louise Welsh interview is very good, very interesting. Scotland is certainly at another possible turning point, and it is interesting how some places address it, some places don't, and as always, Glasgow is its ownself.

    I enjoyed the first Sherlock series, and very much looking forward to the 2nd one. I really like how it is done, glad you do too.

    Keep your wee head safe, do your studies and all that entails, and as my hero Joe Pike's tattoos show us...Ever Forward.


    1. Bobbie - glad you enjoyed the Fox. I loved that Louise Welsh piece. She's a very thoughtful and descriptive writer. The second Sherlock series is a treat. The third one is an absolute humdinger!