Friday 19 November 2010

Good Books and Bad Sex

A wonderfully touching blog post from Peter May. Well worth a read.

A few reviews - first of all Stuart MacBride's SHATTER THE BONES, one of Denise Mina's graphic novel A SICKNESS IN THE FAMILY, and Inkcrush reviews Helen Fitzgerald's young adult novel AMELIA O'DONOHUE IS SO NOT A VIRGIN. I really need to get my hands on that one. A review of Alexander McCall Smith's CORDUROY MANSIONS, and one of Grant McKenzie's NO CRY FOR HELP.

I've been bemoaning the fact that Marten Claridge hasn't had anything new out for a while and, interestingly, Google alerted me to this. And not only a new one, but a re-release of the earlier books.

Ian Rankin and Richard Havers talk music and writing.

The knowledgeable (CrimeFest Mastermind winner for the last few years) and charming Martin Edwards reviews William McIlvanney's LAIDLAW for Patti Abbott's Forgotten Friday series.

And finally, dear reader, has it really been a year since we had bad sex? Well, it's only another week or so to wait and then we can lie back, think of England, and smoke a cigarette in the aftermath. By the way, does "off the beaten track" strike anyone else as a euphemism? No? Just me? Oh, OK.


  1. Nice to see Laidlaw getting a mention. One of McIlvanney's best.

    Oh - and come over to May Contain Nuts and read my take on the Bad Sex Award.

  2. Michael - I shall be right there.

  3. What a strange slip, Donna ... CORDUROY MANSIONS is of course by Sandy McCall Smith rather than Ian Rankin. Are they perhaps interchangeable in your mind? Difficult to imagine. Or was it a joke that I missed? Doh! Sorry!