Friday 10 February 2012

"Tomorrow will be gloomy with a chance of morning frogs"

Your Friday morning Cramps.

Panel assignments for Crimefest have been issued. I'm moderating a panel called Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know, with Helen Fitzgerald, Douglas Lindsay, Michael Malone and Damien Seaman. I'll leave you to decide which of them are mad. I am currently thinking about the fiendish homework I am planning to set...

A review of Ian Rankin's THE IMPOSSIBLE DEAD, reviewingtheevidence on Aly Monroe's ICELIGHT and Lin Anderson's PICTURE HER DEAD, The Game's Afoot reviews Val McDermid's A PLACE OF EXECUTION and a review of Stuart MacBride's SHATTER THE BONES.

Several Denise Mina events at the New Zealand International Arts Festival.

Alexander McCall Smith in St Louis, Missouri on April 16th.

Douglas Lindsay on naming THE UNBURIED DEAD.

North East Life talks to Val McDermid.

Tony Black's GUTTED becomes GELYNCHT in German (which, if my German is up to it, translated as LYNCHED). Gratuliere, Tony! There's also a wee video auf deutsch to go with it.

Norfolk is a big fan of crime fiction - some nice events in March and it's the most borrowed genre in local libraries.

Edinburgh Book Festival Director says that the book festival should be about books, not celebrities. Well done, that man.

Kate Atkinson on her MBE.

Finally, a rather sneery article about genre fiction.


  1. I'm not admitting which category I come in to, but its fair to say I'm not bad. Or dangerous for that matter.

    As for the sneery article - "downmarket" - sheesh - why can't we just get on with the fact that people like different stuff? Does there always have to be a merit to what you read with these people? On the upside, at least she admits she's a snob.

  2. Could it be the moderator who.... oh no, forget it, I NEVER said that ;) Just envious, I wish I could be there.

  3. Donna - I'm so glad you'll be moderating that panel! I wish I could be there, too....

  4. Michael - indeed - you know which side of the fence she's on!

    Dorte - oh pray, do tell more! And I wish you were coming, too.

    Margot - hopefully you'll make it over one of these days.