Friday, 14 March 2014

Limp Allegations?

Ian Rankin, Alexander McCall Smith and Stuart MacBride reveal their favourite books as children.

And a review of Stuart MacBride's A SONG FOR THE DYING, which, apparently, is not for those of delicate sensibilities. Heavens to Betsy.

Alexander McCall Smith is in Australia and talking about all sorts of things ,

Welcome home, Val McDermid.

While it pains me to link to the Daily Fail, I couldn't resist this tale of an Irvine Welsh fan with Trainspotting tattoos. Talking of Irvine Welsh, he unleashes some working class anger on the BAFTAs and is announced as Patron of Screen Education Edinburgh.

For those who are technically minded, a Sherlock Holmes interactive adventure.

Here's a lovely photography project called 100 Weeks of Scotland which, this week, features Ian Rankin, Val McDermid and Sara Sheridan.

A great review for Michael Malone's BLOOD TEARS from EuroCrime. Nice one, our Michael.

A number of Scotland's literati, crime writers amongst them, oppose a new concrete confection in Edinburgh.

Just in time to let you know that Alex Gray will be launching her new book - THE BIRD THAT DID NOT SING - in Newton Mearns this evening. And here's a review of it from Crime Fiction Lover. For those who wonder where the title comes from, here's an explanation of Glasgow's Coat of Arms. At least, I assume that's where the title comes from. Perhaps Alex once had a budgie with a broken wing.

Two linked (in a bizarre way) news items, man enhances own artwork. I do love the 'limp allegations" comment from the lawyer. Clearly not the "rigid feminine pleasure device" of this article.

Finally, if you suffer from coulrophobia, do not click on this link. I have to say that the guy standing by the police van looks decidedly miserable, despite his painted on smile.


  1. Oh Donna, what a wide ranging and excellent group of links!! A few comments from, Stuart MacBride is not for the easily shocked, but it is excellent writing. This one sounds very good, I have the first one, Birthdays For The Dead on my shelf, must get to it so can get the one mentioned! Odd coincidence, I am reading the newest in Alexander McCall Smith's #1 Ladies Detective Agency right now. I find them entertaining and there are always "real life" things to think on and ponder. I do like his comments on why he doesn't dwell on the darker things of Botswana-and yes, I have read those books also. Yes, welcome home, Val! What a good article! She's a tad intelligent, isn't she. :-) All the Irvine Welsh links were good! Oh, the 100 weeks of Scotland photos!!! What a prize!! The photos of the authors, of course, I loved those. But also the other weeks! Wow! In fact I got so busy looking, had to stop and come back and post, then will return...what photos! Good review, Michael Malone, good enough I stopped and ordered the book. :-) Oooh a new Alex Gray book, yay! And the Coat of Arms of Glasgow is where the title comes from and that was interesting link also! Now about that artwork...were the additions to the paintings limp? Hilarious! And then the rigid females' pleasure device turned into a weapon!! Yes, I truly laughed out loud at both of these! And finally, yes that guy does look like the painted smile won't help him, he's not happy. Thanks Donna, this was a wonderful blog post!!

  2. have to click on the link to coulphobia to see what it is - hope i don't have it!