Thursday, 22 October 2009

Old News Is Good News

Well, while I was away enjoying myself, the news still kept coming in, so here is a round-up of some stale news. It doesn't smell too bad, in fact, some of it is still quite fragrant.

The Inverness Book Festival may be moved to the summer next year (why? It's still going to pee down).

Gerard Brennan interviews Liam McIlvanney over at Crime Scene NI. And also names Allan Guthrie and Liam McIlvanney in his top 10 for 2009 so far.

Jay Stringer reviews Helen Fitzgerald's THE DEVIL'S STAIRCASE at Do Some Damage.

Allan Guthrie and Stuart MacBride entertain fifty Fifers. No tassels or pasties involved.

And more Fife fun as Christopher Brookmyre visits Inverkeithing on Monday 26th October.

Norm at Crime Scraps reviews THE REDEMPTION OF ALEXANDER SEATON by Shona MacLean.

Val McDermid and Ian Rankin team up for a fundraising event for Raith Rovers. More Ian Rankin - this time at the Biggar Little Fest. And at the Belfast Festival. And, busy bee that he is, he talks to the Ottawa Citizen about his latest book THE COMPLAINTS. And, if you're in Toronto on October 27th you might want to go and see Ian Rankin and Denise Mina.

Aly Monroe launches WASHINGTON SHADOW in Edinburgh on November 18th.

Fancy a job with the Scottish Crime And Drug Enforcement Agency?

And, finally, here's the lovely Christa Faust's telling of The Night Of The Walking Dead in Indianapolis.


  1. Thanks for the summing up, Donna! It's always good to have a resource for what's going on : ).