Friday, 19 February 2010

Rock Star or Writer?

A video interview with Ian Rankin on his recent trip to India. And a print interview on writing whydunits rather than whodunnits . He then tells the Hindustan Times that crime writers want to be rockstars. He's right. I always wanted to be a drummer with the Ramones. However, after Tommy Ramone left they turned me down and gave Marky Ramone the job. Then Richie Ramone. Then Marky Ramone again. They even had Elvis Ramone for a short while. But they refused to take Donna Ramone. Maybe it's because I can't play...

As part of the Alibi Crime Writing Competition, here are some tips from Stuart MacBride. I'm with him on the 'what do you call yourself' thing. I've never called myself an author (I don't suit smoking jackets), or a 'writer' - I just find it impossible to do. Sometimes I manage to mumble "I...errr... I write... but I have a proper job too". I feel like a pretentious fake, as though someone (probably my mother) will scream "Look at her, the lying little bint, calling herself a writer when she obviously can't string two decent words together." Anyone have any suggestions as to what I am? Hmmmm, maybe I should rephrase that. What, dear reader, should those of us who feel weird using the designation 'author' call ourselves?

If you're a Kate Atkinson fan, here's a chance to win a prize (if you live in the US). And, on the subject of an offer you can't refuse, Declan Burke (who's not Scottish but he's a top bloke and a wonderful writer and those two things count) is experimenting with 'crowdfunding' his GONZO NOIR aka BAD FOR GOOD. I was lucky enough to read it and it's sheer genius - very funny and very clever.

Alexander McCall Smith on his addiction to tea.

When is a book review not a book review? When it just mentions what the author dreamed about last night.

Irvine Welsh is coming to town. Well, as long as your town is Melbourne, that is.

And, finally, this guy is obviously an Iain Banks fan. He's also totally bonkers and totally brilliant (he's also no relation).


  1. I would love to be called a writer, and when my facebook friends call me ´the queen of crime´ I grow by an inch :D

    - but rock star? Nope, not me. If I could, I would play Bach on the piano.

    And I would join Declan´s queue if I wasn´t afraid I´d forget all about my obligation.

  2. I'll have to disagree with you both here. I went from housewife to writer around the time I stopped housewifing and started sitting in front of a computer most of the time.

    I don't have to be any good, and whereas I'd love to be paid, that's not part of being a writer, either. Writing is. I don't think I can be an author, with no books, but I am a writer.

  3. Dorte - you must be very, very tall then :o)

    Bookwitch - good for you! I wish it felt normal to me. I also say "My agent..." followed by a guffaw - I just can't do it with a straight face. I feel unworthy and very lucky.

  4. Perhaps ´high´ is more precise ;)