Monday, 8 February 2010

News, Reviews and Interviews From All OverThe Globe

The Decatur Daily likes Alexander McCall Smith's Scotland Street. While over in Jaipur, blog Gora! Gora! Gora has an excellent wrap-up of the final event. His passport will be getting loads of stamps this year as he is over in Minneapolis in April.

The Calcutta Telegraph questions Ian Rankin, who then talks to the Economic Times, The Hindu, and then to the Times of India about how there's even a crime in cricket. After all that talking, he'll be thirsty, so he'll be looking forward to this event at the Caledonian Brewery on March 4th then.

The Scottish Premier League quiz Christopher Brookmyre about his love of St Mirren. And, still on football, it may just be me but the phrase "The supporters from the north east were crammed into the Val McDermid Stand" strikes me as funny. And Val McDermid is also involved in this project to get older people reading and writing - I am trying to get my Dad to enter the competition.

Crime Beat in South Africa looks at cities as the backdrop for crime fiction, including Tony Black's Edinburgh.

Publishers Weekly enjoyed Ray Banks' NO MORE HEROES. And so they should - it's a brilliant read.

John Welsh in the Independent with an entertaining look at the perils of writing Irvine Welsh meets Jane Austen for the BBC.

M C Beaton is being read a lot recently. First of all, Joe Barone enjoys DEATH OF A VALENTINE, while the lovely Sally from Oz, reviews DEATH OF A CELEBRITY.

Gillian Galbraith visits North Berwick on February 25th,

And, finally, somebody thought that Stuart MacBride would be suitable reading for eight-year olds - without actually reading the book. Oh deary, deary me.


  1. To quote the article about Stuart MacBride's suitability for 8 year olds:

    "Over the next 113 pages it uses the F-word and its variants 89 times"

    So, someone had enough spare time to count ...

  2. Tim - I believe they hired my mother for the job...

  3. Donna wrote in an email "why don't you comment on my blog anymore?"
    Maybe its because I could not find anything rude to say. I do not think they hired Mum to do the job, she would not have got past the first F word.

  4. Jesus, Stuart MacBride for 8 year olds - why not go the whole hog and get Christopher Brookmyre to take Religious Education and maybe Irvine Welsh could look after 'extra curricular recreation'...

  5. Always happy to add to the gaiety of nations, Donna...

  6. Dad - sometimes it's just nice to be nice. You don't ALWAYS have to insult me. I know you THINK you do...

    Rivs - hahahaha! I think those are excellent ideas. School would be so much more enjoyable.

    Val - thank you so much for stopping by. And how excellent that you have a Stand named after you. I hope you get a free pie and bovril when you go. Oh, and that no-one pees in your pocket (I saw that happen once at a Celtic/Rangers match. My ONLY Celtic/Rangers match for many reasons - the pocket peeing was only a minor reason :o)

  7. I get pies and whisky, which is better than bovril. And nobody @ Raith Rovers would dream of peeing anywhere inappropriate. We're fi' Fife, fir heaven's sake!

  8. Val - LOL I'm glad to hear that Fifers are so much better behaved than Glaswegians :o) Sometimes Glaswegians pee in their OWN pockets...