Monday, 20 June 2011

News, Reviews and Battling Grannies

An interview with Allan Guthrie. And one with Quintin Jardine.

More Quintin Jardine in The Afterword.

Alexander McCall Smith and the 107 moments that made Scotland. In other AMS news: a review of CORDUROY MANSIONS, and here he talks about his favourite books.

Ian Rankin, on why the Edinburgh Book Festival is special.

A review of Charles Cummings' THE TRINITY SIX, one of Denise Mina's THE END OF THE WASP SEASON and a brilliant one of Ray Banks' GUN.

Hot off the press - Douglas Lindsay smells like a Polynesian Goddess.

And, finally, this is why I love writing about elderly people. And if you don't read all of it, you should, at the very least, watch this video of SuperGranny foiling some robbers.


  1. Brilliant roundup. I don't read much crime fiction and I'm still impressed.

  2. Haha. Elderly people are just more interesting than the very young ones because they have had time to develop a personality (very comforting, really, when you think about it ;D)

  3. M.J. - thank you! There's so much Scottish crime fiction news out there :o)

    Dorte - indeed it is :o)