Monday, 15 August 2011

Half-mugged on a wet day

An excellent piece on Val McDermid in The Guardian.

A great interview with Ray Banks over at Hardboiled Wonderland, and Ray talks about his favourite short series' here. The young man has good taste - Woodrell, Willeford and Raymond are 3 of my absolute favourites. I'd also add Mr Banks to that list.

You can go to jail as part of the Wigtown Book Festival at the end of September.

If you're in California you can see Catriona McPherson in San Mateo tomorrow and in Davis on Friday.

Helen Fitzgerald wants to buy your kidney.

Sherlock Holmes banned for being anti-Mormon.

The lovely Declan Burke mentions Charles Cummings' THE TRINITY SIX. Talking of Declan, here's a smashing review for ABSOLUTE ZERO COOL (a marvellous book, which you can win here).

Scotland on Sunday reports on the launch of the Edinburgh Book Festival, while the Guardian blog tells you what you can expect over the next couple of weeks, and whether tickets are still available on any given day. The Daily Record has a beginner's guide, and the BBC announces more stuff.

The FT has an interesting article on e-books, including the information that Ian Rankin's Edinburgh iphone app has been downloaded more than 30,000 times.

Ah, how I wish I was going to Bouchercon.

Finally, Glasgow crime decreases on wet days, apparently. Having been half-mugged on a wet day, I have to disagree.


  1. Donna - Hmm... I guess not all criminals mind being all wet..;-)

  2. Much obliged for the kind word, ma'am. Maybe I'll fly over to Glasgow and we'll have our own mini-Bouchercon. Does Guthrie ever venture that far, on sunny days?

    Cheers, Dec