Sunday 5 September 2010

It Can't Be Sunday Yet, Surely?

First of all huge thanks to everyone who has offered books for the charity raffle - I really appreciate it.

My weekends guests have now gone home and the flat is back to quiet normality (if you don't count Black Rebel Motorcycle Club who are currently blasting through the speakers and the bits of baby food I keep picking up off the floor) So, onto the news round-up.

Firstly, it's me, me, me (sorry!) I'm blogging here on the Busted Flush blog about the perils of research. And the Kindle version of OLD DOGS is now available in the US. Right, that's enough of that nonsense, back to proper news.

Some appearances - Louise Welsh in Canada in November, more on the Milngavie Book and Arts Festival with G J Moffat, Caro Ramsay and Shirley McKay, Philip Kerr will be at the Indie Alliance Weekend on 11th September, and Ken McClure will be speaking at the West Calder Library on 30 September.

And some reviews - Brit Grit, just like Badsville, loves Tony Black's Gus Dury novels and writes an excellent post to tell us so, here. Meanwhile, Bookmunch enjoyed Kate Atkinson's STARTED EARLY, TOOK MY DOG, and The Shore Bookworm reviews Denise Mina's Garnethill series.

Oxfam's most wanted author for the second year in a row is Ian Rankin, whilst Dan Brown is most unwanted. And, on the topic of Ian Rankin, here's a review of the audio version of THE FALLS.

In an audio interview with 'Scottish National Treasure' Val McDermid at the Brisbane Writers' Festival, Val reveals that she was once beaten up by a wrestler and was recently insulted by being inadequately burgled. It's a fascinating interview with Val and journalist Jake Adelstein. Wonderfully entertaining stuff. And Crime and Publishing reviews TRICK OF THE DARK.

The Scottish Review of Books reviews Alexander McCall Smith at the Edinburgh Book Festival.

And, finally, watch out if you're making a film in Aberdeen.


  1. I can see it is a horrible defeat for Dan Brown, but if *I* were ever "only number 10 on the list for most books sold", I think I would market myself as "right below Kate Atkinson" ;D

  2. Donna, I'd seen Busted Flush's post, and laughed out loud-you are a hoot! And thinking about what you'd said added to my enjoyment of Old Dogs, for sure! :-) And you can go on about you,you,you all you wish.

    Great interview with Val, thanks for that! Great personality, along with her writing ability! And thanks for the Denise Mina post. Her Garnethill trilogy is still a very top fave of mine, after all this time; and the words reminded's riveting. What a place, and what a character, and how well the trilogy is formed--she's top of the line.

    I'm wondering about the baby food and am sure it will be a part of a short story or book sometime?


  3. I was glad to hear it about the Kindle version of Old Dogs. I ordered the print version from Amazon about 4 months ago, and have gotten at least 4 emails from them pushing back the delivery date, now sometime in October. So I cancelled that and will purchase the Kindle version. Just in time for vacation! Yay.


  4. Well, my Kindle must be almost here by now (it has missed my birthday) and you have just given me a good idea for what will be my first purchase with it! (If I am allowed to actually use it that is - though it is officially a bday present, I expect that as the least technically savvy of the people in my house, I'll be at the back of the queue!)

    My contribution to your charity raffle is in the post, btw.

  5. Dorte - you should be a spin doctor.

    Bobbie - thank you - on several counts :o) Babyfood in a short story? Hmmm, you never know.

    Lymaree - thank you for your perseverance! I hope you're rewarded by a good read. It is actually available in print from start of September.

    Maxine - thank you very much, and thank you very much! A Kindle - lucky you :o)

  6. Donna, thank you SO MUCH for referencing my blog post about Denise Mina!! I am so flattered to be mentioned. I still plan to review the Paddy Meehan series too, she is such a brilliant writer.

    Bobbie, I am so glad you agree. This series is one of my favs as well, as you can see.

  7. Marie - you are welcome - I loved your post!