Tuesday 21 September 2010

Singing, Stealing and Swearywords

Spend a minute with Val McDermid. And then spend a bit longer in an interview with Craig Sisterson over at Crime Watch.

How do you fancy being a character in Irvine Welsh's SKAGBOYS.

The Book Show in Australia has an audio piece on Louise Welsh. And CBC Radio has one with Alexander McCall Smith.

The very funny Douglas Lindsay on how to improve opera.

Ian Rankin picks five paintings that he would nick if he got half a chance. And listen to Ian Rankin and Andy Diggle talking comics on 21st October.

I've posted this before, but it's so good that there's absolutely nothing wrong with mentioning it again - the trailer forAllan Guthrie's BLOOD WILL OUT.

The Independent - standing up for the swearyword. That'll have my mother reaching for the Basildon Bond to write a stiff letter to the Editor.


  1. Love the article about swearywords! There are certainly times when nothing else fits, in my little world, and I love books that use them well and with meaning. :-) I also love Alexander McCall Smith's work, always, guess that makes me eclectic! :-)

    I read an article last July in The Lipstick Chronicles blog, by Cornelia Read, the title was Rhymes With Duck, and it was terrific! For me anyway! :-) Sorry, Donna's Mum.

    I am not sure you can really write about certain places and people, and not use that type of language. But that's just me. I am the one who liked Charlie Owen's book Foxtrot Oscar. :-) And Donna Moore's Old Dogs. :-)

    Good interviews, Donna, thanks for those. But think I'll pass on being a character in Skagboys. :-)


  2. I totally agree with you, Bobbie. If that's how people talk, then it doesn't sound right any other way :o)