Tuesday 5 October 2010

Ramones, Raith and Reviews

Look! We have our first Ramones entry from the lovely Nigel at Sea Minor. Marvellous stuff. Happy birthday, me. Cheers Nigel.

The New Zealand Herald reviews Kate Atkinson's STARTED EALY TOOK MY DOG. And Dorte reviews M C Beaton's AGATHA RAISIN AND THE QUICHE OF DEATH.

Alexander McCall Smith doesn't half get about.

A couple of great interviews. One with with Ray Banks at The Crime of it All, and one with Karen Campbell at the marvellously named High Heels and Book Deals.

Stuart MacBride interviewed by Die Deutsche Welle. But don't worry, the interviewer speaks perfect English. Stuart, on the other hand...

While Val McDermid was unveiling things at Raith Rovers on Saturday, I was sitting in the stands watching Motherwell beat St Mirren. Nobody asked me to unveil anything. Not even a pie and bovril.

Susan Hill in The Spectator on social media.

And finally, just in case you've never seen the Awkward Family Photos site...


  1. Donna - there is an award for you on my blog. But please do note that there is no obligation to accept it and/or pass it on to any other blogger.

  2. The Saints were so unlucky too ;-)

  3. opening paragraph. i feel like it's my birthday. x

  4. Jose Ignacio - thank you! Very kind indeed.

    Colin - indeed they were :o)

    Nigel - well, happy pretend birthday :o)

  5. Whats all this Big Bear from Badsville nonsense then?

    ..whos the bear?

    where does he live?..