Wednesday, 7 September 2011

"Books of scientific iInterest are filed in the bottom, sir"

Val McDermid says grown-up books need a dead body in them, there's a great interview with her over a Declan Burke's Crime Always Pays., another one at We Love This Book,

The City Life reviews STRIP JACK by Ian Rankin, the Fleetwood Weekly News reviews Quintin Jardine's THE LONER, His Futile Preoccupations enjoyed Ray Banks' BEAST OF BURDEN, and a review of the TV version of Denise Mina's FIELD OF BLOOD.

More on Tony Black's film news.

A stage adaptation of Andrew O'Hagan's THE MISSING.

Scotiana has a piece on Alexander McCall Smith's books.

Crimeculture has extracts from Len Wanner's DEAD SHARP: SCOTTISH CRIME WRITERS ON COUNTRY AND CRAFT.

Finally, I think I'd rather be mugged in Edinburgh than go to a library in New Zealand.


  1. I am pleased to report my trips to the library here in NZ are beautifully uneventful, but I might just stay away from the books of scientific interest from now on. Self help or help yourself? Thin line for that man.

  2. I tend to agree with Val McDermid. Occasionally I find myself teaching a book with too few bodies, but on the whole, I am fairly good at squeezing them in - and my students have never complained.

    Enjoy Berlin!