Friday, 14 February 2014

Roses Are Red...

As if you hadn't already realised,  we in Scotland love our crime fiction. I'm not one of the top 20, but thank you to those who borrowed OLD DOGS I got a nice wee PLR payment and treated myself to lunch out. Well, it was a sandwich from Greggs, but, still...

On to the round-up...

First off, a book I missed out from last week's post on Scottish crime fiction to look out for: Michael Malone's THE GUILLOTINE CHOICE, due out in March - set on the Devil's Island penal Colony. Looks great, our Michael!

Watch out for Quintin Jardine in a Scottish library near you over the next few weeks.

This week, it was Murder on the London-Edinburgh Express for Ian Rankin.

A new book about John Buchan and his appointment as Governor General of Canada. And, talking of John Buchan, Col's Criminal Library reviews THE THIRTY-NINE STEPS.

Here's a review of Peter May's ENTRY ISLAND, set in Quebec;

A review of the film version of Irvine Welsh's FILTH, and here's a deleted scene featuring the author himself. And Welsh talks about FILTH here, as well as how annoyed he would be if he was English. And how about a SKAGBOYS TV series?

If you're in Newcastle on February 20th, you might want to drop in on Val McDermid in conversation with Denise Mina and Louise Welsh.And Christopher Brookmyre brings BEDLAM to Newton Mearns.

A very British tiff over the re-naming of a lake to honour Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, with supporters enjoying a little bit of Morris dancing.

Finally, Happy Valentine's Day from Edinburgh city police.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you! I am looking forward to Peter May's new one Entry Island, since I loved his three that were set in the Hebrides, and this one is historically about those people too, after they come to Quebec; again on an outer island. Wish I could fly over and see Val and Denise and Louise! Red Road by Denise comes out here across the Pond, Feb 25, has been pre-ordered by me! And you have some VERY interesting links here! :-) Hope your sandwich was great!

  2. Cheers, our Donna. Great to see you back blogging. Did I say that already?

  3. Bobbie - the Peter May one looks really interesting and set somewhere I've never heard of before! I wish you could come over and see them too :o(

    Our Michael - you are most welcome. I'm hoping to get to your launch!

  4. Juss trying to give you thotz-N-ideers...
    till we meet again Upstairs:
    ♡ ♡
    Love you.
    Cya soon.