Thursday, 27 February 2014

Is that a cucumber in your pocket or are you etc etc?

We've been finalising the programme for Crimefest in the last couple of weeks. So my job - trying to sort out panels for around 140 authors - is done. Panel assignments have mostly been sent to moderators and panellists, and now I just have to fine tune following the inevitable "Sorry, I can't make that date" e-mails. It's a great division of labour amongst the three co-hosts. Adrian does all the hard work, Myles is the technical genius, and I get the fun. The programme will soon be up online here. Looking forward to seeing some of you there!

Talking of programmes, the schedule for Glasgow's Aye Write is now available. Lots of good crime fiction related stuff, including a tribute to Iain Banks, Watching The Detectives: Serial Crime with Denise Mina, Sophie Hannah and Alex Gray, (Sophie Hannah also has an event called The Poetry of Sex which looks really good - her poetry is great fun and what's not to love about sex? Errrr...not sure that came out right...). Allan Massie and David Ashton talk about historical crime and Christopher Brookmyre pairs up with Barry Phillips in an event to talk about - amongst other things I'm sure - his science fiction thriller BEDLAM (if you go, do ask him about the roast chicken/Borders bookshop story). William McIlvanney, the Godfather of Tartan Noir will be speaking, and Stuart MacBride and Gordon Ferris have an event called Dark, Dark Noir. Louise Welsh talks about her new book A LOVELY WAY TO BURN, a thriller set in a dystopian future, and the first in a trilogy and Val McDermid is in conversation with comedian Susan Calman in what is sure to be a fun event. And I'm not sure if this is a crime novel or not, but Natalie Haynes will be talking about her new novel THE AMBER FURY, which sounds brilliant.

And, finally, an event about the fabulous 21 Revolutions book from Glasgow Women's Library.  I'm really excited to have a story in this gorgeous book, alongside such luminaries as Karen Campbell, Helen Fitzgerald, Zoe Strachan, Louise Welsh, Denise Mina, Laura Marney, A L Kennedy, Anne Donovan...The list of gloriousness is endless. Plus me. Unusually for me, mine is not a crime story, but a story about a suffragette on hunger strike in Glasgow's Duke Street prison. You can hear it here if remotely interested.

And now the non-festival news. Firstly, the ideal gift for the Sherlock Holmes fan in your life.And an article on Conan Doyle in fact and fiction. Mystery File reviews John Buchan's THE THREE HOSTAGES, and a review of Alexander McCall Smith's THE MINOR ADJUSTMENT BEAUTY SALON, who is also introducing Precious Ramotswe to younger readers.

A couple of nominations for Irvine Welsh's FILTH at the Empire film awards.

And, finally, I love the bloke's reaction to being arrested


  1. Donna, congrats on getting nearly done with sorting all those panels and authors! And oh, how I wish I could go to Glasgow's Aye Write, some very very good panels-great authors. And a sex panel too? :-) And the whole deal with the bloke's reaction to being arrested--I truly laughed out loud at all of that!

    Regarding your story-I have listened to you reading it, what a wonderful story, Donna. And why you chose that object to write about-good work! Now here is my question-is this a book that is for sale? Yes, I like the others you've mentioned too, and would love to put this (after reading it of course) on my bookshelf near Old Dogs and Going To Helena....any chance of purchasing it? Hope so!

  2. It was the poetry of sex that caught my attention. Busy times - all excellent info - thanks. x

  3. You're back? You're back!!!
    I'm so happy.
    But you're not staying, are you?

  4. Bobbie - really glad you enjoyed the story. It is, indeed, available in a book - a most beautiful book called 21 Revolutions which has stories and artworks in

  5. Nigel - that combination of poetry ands ex gets me every time...

    Bookwitch - do you know something I don't? Why am I not staying?

  6. I know nothing. I'm just being pessimistic.

  7. Bookwitch - phew, is that all?! That's OK then. And I'm here for the foreseeable :o)