Friday, 6 August 2010

Friday Philanderings

A hodge-podge of pre-weekend links today.

First of all, well done to Peter May for winning his second French book award.

The Vinyl Villain with an excellent review of Karen Campbell's SHADOWPLAY - a review with which I heartily concur. And Stars/Crickets with a review of Louise Welsh's THE BULLET TRICK.

Jake Kerridge of theTelegraph spoke to several writers at Harrogate about being a crime writer.

The lovely Maxine over at Petrona is rounding up all her reviews by country. And she's reached Scotland.

See Val McDermid along with Sophie Hannah in Manchester on Friday 22nd October.

Lovereading on Kate Atkinson's STARTED EARLY TOOK MY DOG, and on Alexander McCall Smith's involvement in Scotland's Engage For Education events.

The Scotsman muses about authors called Black.

He's not Scottish, and I have really no excuse for putting this link here except that he's one of my favourite writers (and if you haven't read his books you really should), but this guest blog post by Steve Mosby over at Musings of an All Purpose Monkey is just brilliant.

And finally, if you want to buy a flat that Ian Rankin's Inspector Rebus once visited, then it's yours for £360,000. And very nice it is too, but...£360,000????

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