Friday, 17 December 2010

Fraught Notes and Intimate Questions

The latest in the sign on the door saga. This appeared this morning. I particularly like the fact that the word SENSE is written three times as large as everything else, and this is then followed by a normal sized thanks. What you can't see from this photo is that it's a whole A4 sheet, it's taped wonkily to the door at eye level and the marks the pen has made in the paper get deeper and deeper as the note goes on. Also, the paper appears to have been torn out of a notebook with some force. Someone is not happy, while still remaining polite. I await developments with interest.

Part 1 of an exclusive short story by Alexander McCall Smith in The Big Issue.

Murder By Type reviews Philip Kerr's FIELD GREY. The Bookbag reviews Denise Mina's A SICKNESS IN THE FAMILY. Lambda Literary on Val McDermid's FEVER IN THE BONE and Musings on Kate Atkinson's CASE HISTORIES.

Apparently Stuart MacBride will be giving an intimate question and answer session in Aberdeen on January 12th. Ooo-errrr. And a reminder that if you're in Edinburgh on New Years Day, you can go and see Ian Rankin and Lin Anderson in conversation.

News about the plans for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's former home.

Sarah Weinman's best of 2010.

Following on from the excellent Carry A Poem, it's now Let's Get Lyrical time.

A salutary tale for writers from Michael Malone.


  1. Dozens of stories will now be written about that sign on the door.

  2. Isn't the question 'Who is taking bodies out of this door and not closing it after them?'

    Criminals these days are obviously naturally rude with no neighbourly consideration. I wouldn't be surprised if they just dumped the body on the street rather than disposing of it more thoughtfully too.

    Disgraceful. What is this country coming to? I doubt they will see sense. The note maker may have to gird his loins for further frustrating times ahead.

    You're right to be staying out of it though. No telling what could happen if you stuck your oar in.

    If you have an oar of course.

  3. I rather hoped Donna would give us a story about the signs on the door? ;D

  4. Patti and Dorte - you never know!

    Alistair - No oar sticking from me, or I might find myself dumped in the street :o)

  5. And who would ever dump a lady.......

  6. Stuart McBride is always an entertaining fellow, pity it's so far away.

    Donna, why don't you join in the Note-on-the-Door Saga using, say, the voice of Larry Grayson.

  7. Alistair - you don't know the people in my close :o)

    Michael - LOL. Don't tempt me!

  8. best note i was ever left was by a girlfriend - 'gone to shops poostain'. it was kind of endearing and kind of hostile.
    notes i've left, usually 'mea culpa' in fridge magnet letters.