Thursday, 2 December 2010

He who pees by the sword...

In a garden near mine, someone has made a snowman wearing a kipper tie and a trilby, and with his arms up and his mouth in an O, as though he's a gangland boss who's just been surprised by a rival bearing a shotgun. The best bit though, is that he's accompanied by a little, fat snow dog (possibly a pitbull) with a set of false teeth. Human false teeth... Ah, Glasgow, I love thee.

I missed this originally - the lovely Bookwitch went to see Val McDermid and Sophie Hannah and insists she wasn't stalking them.

And, talking of stalkers, what about those Amazon reviews?

As part of Nigel Bird's brilliant Dancing With Myself series, Tony Black interviews Tony Black.

Picky Girl reviews a couple of M C Beatons, and The Book Nut reviews DEATH OF A VILLAGE. The Morrill Public Library Blog reviews Alexander McCall Smith's THE CHARMING QUIRKS OF OTHERS and The Mutation has high praise for Philip Kerr's Bernie Gunther novels.

Luetut Opukset reviews Stuart MacBride's BLIND EYE. As you know, dear reader, I do love me a bit of Babelfish or Google Translate. This time I thought the Finnish would be the same as the perfect English above it, but it's not and, having read the Google Translate version, I am still not much the wiser. Although I have learned that 'Välillä' is Finnish for 'sometimes'. Well, according to the translation it is. Based on previous experience, I wouldn't be surprised if the actual meaning was actually 'fried egg'. I would also like to know how to pronounce 'vastaavantyyppisistä'.

Lin Anderson talks about becoming a writer.

And, almost finally, a completely gratuitous, and very funny, Tom Waits video.

Finally, finally...don't ever pee on a Glaswegian's bottle of Buckfast.


  1. Lin Anderson´s series sounds interesting. I think she´ll have to go on the wish list.

  2. Thank you so much for the link to my review! I have definitely fallen in love with Scottish crime novels and have more of Beaton's works cued up and ready to go! Have a great day! :)

  3. Donna, you always make me laugh...and hopefully not pee on a sensitive Glaswegian's bottle! Tom Waits video was fabulous--which one of the Old Dogs is he with? Or is it just a friend of theirs? :-) Liked him before, like him more now...come on, I'm old, this is fun! I also enjoyed the M.C.Beaton, Philip Kerr, and Alexander McCall Smith pieces, thanks for that. Must go now, time to figure out how to make my snowman and snowmutt and accompaniments! :-) Too funny! Isn't the wild weirdness of folks interesting!

  4. Dorte - it's a good series.

    Book Nut - you're welcome!

    Bobbie - very happy to make you laugh. And yes - I love the weirdness of people (dare I mention the gravestones? :o) And Tom Waits is wonderful. I love his music and his acting. Have you ever seen Down By Law? He's brilliant in that.