Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Blue-eyed boys and girls

Thanks to the marvel that is Allan Guthrie, I have discovered a new author - a new Scottish author, no less. Well, he was born in Glasgow, so that counts. Anyway, I've added Barry Graham to the list, and I've also read the prologue and first chapter of his novel HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR BLUE-EYED BOY? Oh my god. Wonderful stuff so far. And you can download it for the paltry price of 99p or 99c. Oh, and here, he's giving away copies of the aforementioned Allan Guthrie's BYE BYE BABY.

Denise Mina will be appearing in Dundee on Thursday 19th May. And Doug Johnstone is...well, Doug is putting himself about all over the place, the hussy.

Talking of Doug Johnstone, he's interviewed by Allan Guthrie here, and by Alistair Braidwood here. Excellent interviews, both.

An interview with John Dodds. And one with Manda Scott.

The Washington Independent Review of Books reviews Kate Atkinson's STARTED EARLY, TOOK MY DOG. And Onyx Reviews on Alexander McCall Smith's SATURDAY BIG TENT WEDDING PARTY.

Ian Rankin joins the fight to save Anstruther Wester Town Halls.


  1. I just read two of Allan Guthrie's books back to back, first Slammer and then Bye Bye Baby. You're not overstating it in calling him a marvel.

  2. Both brilliant. Have you read all his others? If not, you're in for a real treat.

  3. I'm now reading Killing Mum, which is terrific.

  4. Here's something I just wrote about him:

  5. Barry - he certainly does know his noir! And yes, KILLING MUM is excellent. How lucky you are to be discovering his books!