Thursday, 14 April 2011

Still Playing Catch-Up

Val McDermid is interviewed over at Droemer Knaur (but don't worry, it's in English). And Val will be on BBC World Service's World Book Club on 4th May.

Catch Denise Mina in Dundee on 19th May.

Alexander McCall Smith takes more risks in his new book and says that getting into Mma Ramotswe's head is easy. on Ian Rankin's THE COMPLAINTS. Another review, in the MCHerald, and an interview with the man himself over at WYSO. And Rebus may be coming back to a TV near you - but who will it be?

And the Calgary Herald looks at both Ian Rankin and Russel McLean.

J Kingston Pierce interviews Philip Kerr. And a review of FIELD GRAY.

A review of Kate Atkinson's STARTED EARLY, TOOK MY DOG. And another one. And a third.

I Meant To Read That... loves Allan Guthrie's KILLING MUM.

The Guardian talks about the forthcoming Sherlock Holmes novel, written by Anthony Horowitz.

Have a lovely weekend, Dear Reader.


  1. I just finished THE COMPLAINTS by Rankin, and it's very good imo--it's not Rebus, no one will ever compete with Rebus--but it's close, and I love his writing, he's a master. Thanks for the clicks here, I enjoyed the reviews and especially enjoyed the audio interview-grand stuff in there! I hope this new series goes on like Rebus did. And who knows, we may still see Rebus, he's not dead, just resting. :-)

    I usually refuse to read about books until after I read the book itself, been burned too many times doing that, I'd rather go in unknowing...but I'm glad to see Kate Atkinson getting a lot of press, I've read two of hers, ready for third and fourth! :-)

    Welcome back Donna!

  2. Bobbie - we may well see him back! And thank you :o)