Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Post-Berlin Catch Up

Hello, Dear Reader. Berlin was wonderful. We did loads of walking, eating, sightseeing. The Kills were great live, we went to a comedy club where we discovered the differences between the British and German sense of humour and I discovered Bratkartoffel. I didn't get to drive a tank as we ran out of days, and when we got to the Erotic Museum it was shut (I think the batteries had died). I may do a longer post about it at some point, just so I can bore you with my holiday snaps.

But for now, back to Scottish crime fiction.

Paul Brazill interviews Russel McLean.

And if you're in Dundee on Thursday, why not give yourself a wee treat and go and see Tony Black and Ray Banks. I believe they'll be naked-custard-wrestling.

Seattle Pi reviews Alexander McCall Smith's THE DOUBLE COMFORT SAFARI CLUB. And here's an audio interview with him.

The Chronicle Herald reviews Kate Atkinson's STARTED EARLY, TOOK MY DOG.

My adopted son, Chris Ewan, with a little video on lock picking. Me and his granny are so proud of our wee boy. He used to practise on the neighbour's shed. Oh, by the way, does anyone want to buy a lawnmower and a pair of secateurs? Incidentally, what Chris fails to mention is that I can use a shim with great aplomb.

Ian Rankin loves the Rolling Stones.

And, finally, any crime writers fancy buying a mortuary?


  1. You can't just mention the Erotic Museum and then simply go on about Scottish crime!!

  2. The Erotic Museum obviously had a headache.

  3. Bookwitch - I most certainly CAN :o)

    Jim - ba-boom-tisch

  4. just got a computer back, mine has been at the doctors for the last three weeks, the hard disc packed up on me so hopefully the loan will keep me connected. What do you mean? You've just caught on to bratkartoffle, I learned to eat that years ago with Kutlet and spieglie (please forgive the spelling)German is not my language.

  5. Dad - you were there...what...18 months, and all you know is words for food and drink?