Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Wednesday Randomness

The lovely Russel McLean has news of some events in Dundee:
"As part of the whole series of crime events, Dundee Waterstones now has Denise Mina on Thursday 19th, Quintin Jardine’s only full event (he’ll be doing stock signings elsewhere) for the new Bob Skinner – GRIEVOUS ANGEL - on the launch date (9th June) and of course Chris Brookmyre on the 22 June. All at 7pm, all at the Steps Theatre, Central Library, Wellgate Centre, Dundee. All free, too, with tickets at the library and of course at Waterstones, 35 Commercial Street. "

Tony Black is doing an event at Stonehaven Library on 19th May. They do, however, have the name of his protagonist wrong. And Tony features a story I'd rather my Mum didn't see, over at Pulp Pusher.

Yvonne Klein reviews Philip Kerr's FIELD GRAY at

The Big Issue talks to Denise Mina about FIELD OF BLOOD. Excellent stuff.

Ian Rankin treats students to a scholarship and lunch.


  1. And of course Tony Black is now actually and really on Facebook ... there goes the neighborhood...

  2. I'm wheeling my burst couch onto the porch already.

  3. Enjoyed Denise's interview and YAY for Tony's story. Excellent stuff. (Can see why you don't want Ma and Pa Badsville to read it)

  4. Paul - indeed. We may have problems :o)

    Tony - it's not the couch that's the problem.

    Michael - What makes it worse is that it's MY story. Although blaming Tony is an excellent idea.

  5. Oh, sorry about that. Missed that part. YAY for your story. (And hairy sack? Really!)

  6. Well what is it Donna ... The rusty trolley full of Special Brew or the three-legged incontinent dog? I dunno, can’t win …

  7. Michael - I don't know WHAT you're on about...

    Tony - it's the flammable shell suit, the half ton of gold sovereign rings and bottle of Bucky that's really lowers the tone, Tone.