Monday, 9 May 2011

Today it's all about Pulp and Cake

Today was a lovely day. I have delicious new shoes. And I spent most of the day alternately working on the screenplay I've been wanting to finish, and reading Colin Cotterill's brilliant LOVE SONGS FROM A SHALLOW GRAVE. All whilst wearing my new shoes.

I watched the first part of Denise Mina's FIELD OF BLOOD on TV last night. For those of you who didn't get it (I believe it was only shown in Scotland), you can watch it here (not sure how long it is available for). It was excellent, and I'm looking forward to part 2 tonight.

More video with Irvine Welsh at PEN World Voices Festival. And, on radio, Val McDermid talks about The Mermaids Singing.

If you're an M C Beaton fan, you may want to make sure that your library has applied for these.

The Tarantino Version - a delightfully nasty little short story from Douglas Lindsay.

Excellent news about a film adaptation of Helen Fitzgerald's DEAD LOVELY. Congratulations Helen!

A review of Louise Welsh's NAMING THE BONES. And Louise Welsh talks about Rigoletto.

An essay by Allan Massie in the Wall Street Journal on Philip Kerr's Bernie Gunther novels.

A review of Charles Cumming's THE TRINITY SIX.

Forget all the Super Injunction news, the Scotsman reveals that Ian Rankin eats cake. Shocker.

And, finally, brilliant news - the lovely Tony Black has brought back Pulp Pusher - this time in the form of a blog.


  1. Donna - Those shoes are amazing! Thanks for sharing them with us. And as always, thanks for the links :-).

  2. Don't get shoes, but what I did get was Field of Blood. How good was that! I read the book a few years back and thought the tv folks did an excellent job.

    (And I'm sure your shoes are nice too.)

  3. those shoes are gorgeous - I never learned to wear high heels (I was almost 6ft tall at 15 - and being even taller was something I tried very hard to avoid) but it would be worth trying to learn just to wear shoes like that

  4. Droolin' over the shoes! A girl can never have too many statement shoes.