Thursday, 1 September 2011

"Its fists are faster than its thoughts"

Greetings from chuffed and excited of Glasgow. I recently entered a competition run jointly by two fabulous sites - Pulp Press and For Books' Sake - who were looking for some pulp fiction short stories written by women. And I'm thrilled to say that my story DEPRAVITY LANE will be in their joint anthology coming out in November! I got carried away and entered a handful of stories, but this one is my homage to William Lindsay Gresham's NIGHTMARE ALLEY and is named after a song by Alien Sex Fiend. Now I need to think what to do with the other stories.

The lovely Bookwitch reports on an event with Karen Campbell.

Several reviews - first of all one of Denise Mina's THE DEAD HOUR, Crime Fiction Lover reviews Val McDermid's THE RETRIBUTION, A Penman's Manifesto looks at Gordon Ferris' THE HANGING SHED, a short review of Louise Welsh's Edinburgh Book Festival event, and one of the Ian Rankin event and a review of the TV version of Denise Mina's FIELD OF BLOOD, which is being repeated on BBC Scotland.

A German review of Tony Black's GEOPFERT (which translates as SACRIFICED, but is actually PAYING FOR IT). I actually did better struggling to read it in German, rather than relying on the always entertaining Babelfish, which gave me the title of this post, as well as the incomprehensible "There an evenly discovered, pleasing-blowing feature would be lost to us in the crime film world also equivalent again. Thus, fingers away of too much whisky."

Alexander McCall Smith (possibly the world's most travelled crime fiction author) will be appearing at a festival in Bali in October.

Peter May's THE BLACK HOUSE is one of Richard and Judy's Book Club Autumn Reads (I'm really happy to see Megan Abbott's THE END OF EVERYTHING on the list).

The Edinburgh Book Festival ELSEWHERE short stories will be published in a four-volume collection. See here for the list of authors - which includes Karen Campbell, Denise Mina, Doug Johnstone and Louise Welsh.

Renaissance Man is on a roll with Ian Rankin. And John Hannah is set to play Rebus again, but this time in a spoof. Talking of Ian Rankin, he performed in a play to close the Edinburgh Book Festival, but says it will be a one-off.


  1. Donna - Congratulations! Well done you! That's excellent :-). And thanks for the other news, too.

  2. Congratulations! I am sure it is very well deserved :)

  3. Yay Donna! Big Congratulations! Happy Dancing here in the cornfields. :-) But not to the Alien Sex Fiend song, I'm listening to someone else, ha. :-)

    Will Mina's show be put onto dvd and sold over here across The Pond?

    Thanks for the info all round, good blogging!

  4. Thank you all! I'm well chuffed.

    Bobbie - I hope you get a chance to see it.