Thursday, 29 September 2011


First of all, thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a lovely day and my birthday is continuing into this weekend, with a night out, the cinema, and a gig (Bombay Bicycle Club).

Outtakes from Charles Cummings' conversation with Dominic West (The Wire) about The Trinity Six.

Alexander McCall Smith talks about manners in the 21st century. And gives an address on why society is broken. The Travel Game looks at Botswana. And is AMS really, really tall, or is that just a really tiny car?

More on the 'lost' first novel of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Culture Northern Ireland reports on the Colin Bateman/Ian Rankin event. And a not so short review of a Rebus short story. And Ian curates a music festival (I want that man's job). He'll be in Manchester on October 13th talking about THE IMPOSSIBLE DEAD.

Catch Val McDermid at the upcoming Ilkley Literature Festival.

The Guardian looks at the best writing courses, which includes one run by Louise Welsh and Andrew Taylor.

Crime Central loves Kate Atkinson.

And, finally, burglary gives you an appetite.

And now, I am off to finish my essay on the Big Society and nip next door to cook some of my neighbour's food.


  1. Yes I see why you'd enjoy Rankin's music festival job, sounds brilliant. I do like his references to music in the books, too. Now....nip over to your neighbor's house, is it to cook bacon? Like that person in St Louis did? Have a great birthday weekend, enjoy!