Monday, 10 January 2011

It's Sunday - Honest

Goodness me - how late am I with my Sunday round-up? Things have been a tad hectic in Badsville. It was a busy weekend plus I'm half way through writing a screenplay and I've started on the programming for Crimefest - which is always a bit like herding cats, but is great fun. Does anyone have any panels they really enjoyed at conventions, or panel topics they would love to see? Let me know.

Ian Rankin panicking? Surely not.

Several reviews - first of all Val McDermid's TRICK OF THE DARK and THE MERMAIDS SINGING. The Book Jotter likes Nicola Upson's TWO FOR SORROW, which features Josephine Tey as protagonist. Bookgeeks on Denise Mina's A SICKNESS IN THE FAMILY, Thomas at Crime and Publishing enjoys Stuart MacBride's SHATTER THE BONES, and Small Town Girl over at I Meant To Read That... calls Allan Guthrie a bastard - but in a good way - after reading TWO-WAY SPLIT.

PW interviews Kate Atkinson, and Allan Guthrie talks cats and mats at Kindle Author.

Details for this year's Aye Write aren't yet available, but it looks as though Alexander McCall Smith will definitely be there.

Fancy a writing workshop with Val McDermid and R J Ellory?

Have a look at Helen Fitzgerald's trailer for Ex (which is Dutch for "Helen Fitzgerald is the rock chick of crime fiction".

And, finally, the lovely, lovely Tania of I Love A Good Mystery picks her favourite books for 2010. Not only does she have a fair old Scottish contingent in there but she also has some of my other favourites such as Steve Mosby and Duane Swierczynski.


  1. Which Sunday did you have in mind?

  2. The panel I've always enjoyed a lot at Harrogate is the 'new blood' session. The writers are keen to talk about their work rather than promote themselves, if that makes sense.
    A couple of subjects I'd be interested to hear established writers talk about would be (a) what they feel the future of crime writing is, trends, etc and (b) serial killers: have they had their day? (a bit of a crossover there, I know).
    And how about comedy in crime - there are lots of examples, e.g. (to take two completely different ones) yourself and LC Tyler.
    Phew! A great task but scary, I imagine.

  3. Bookwitch - 18th May 1974

    Janet - thank you so much for your suggestions! I've already slotted in the debut authors and the humour panel and will see what I can do on your other suggestions - cheers! I look forward to seeing you there :o)

  4. I believe that was a Saturday.

  5. Course it´s Sunday (though here Snowday may be more accurate). And I´d love a writing workshop with Val. When do you think she´ll come to Thy?

  6. When you invite her. Shall I suggest a Danish trip?