Thursday, 13 January 2011

A Teeny Tiny Thursday Post

Crime Time Preview has all the news on police dramas and thrillers on UK TV

A lovely article on Chris Ewan. Two of my favourite comedy crime characters - John Dortmunder and Charlie Howard.

Stuart MacBride has his first ever Bookseller Number 1. Congratulations Stuart!

Taggart goes international. Subtitles may be required.

Three new books about Sherlock Holmes.

More from Aly Monroe about the inspiration for Peter Cotton.

A couple of reviews for M C Beaton. First of all, The Book Nut enjoyed A HIGHLAND CHRISTMAS, and Books are Like Candy Corn on BUSY BODY.

Stella Rimington celebrates John Buchan's Richard Hannay.

Apologies for the uncustomary brevity - it's been a bit of a hectic week. More on Sunday(ish).


  1. Short but helpful and interesting - thanks, Donna.

  2. Oh, so John Buchan was Scottish? I have 39 Steps in my Kindle and plan to read it before long for a Vintage reading challenge.

  3. Thanks for the mention!

    I have Old Dogs sitting on my shelf cued up to be read next. I am interested to see if your mothers fears are justified! :)

  4. Margot - you're welcome!

    Dorte - yes, he was.In fact he was 1st Baron Tweedsmuir.

    Book Nut - all I can say is oh dear :o)