Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Ladies and Gents...Mr Tony Black

The lovely people at Random House have offered a copy of Tony Black's soon-to-be-released book TRUTH LIES BLEEDING as a give-away on the blog.

While a big part of me is just tempted to just keep it to myself, I shall be a good blogger and do a give-away.

If you haven't read any of Tony's books before, then you're in for a treat. This one is the first of a new series, featuring Inspector Rob Brennan. If you have read him before, then you already know what a great writer he is.

Here's the blurb:
Four teenagers find the mutilated corpse of a young girl stuffed into a dumpster in an Edinburgh alleyway. Who is she? Where did she come from? Who killed her and why? Above all, where is the baby to which she has obviously recently given birth? Inspector Rob Brennan, recently back from psychiatric leave, is assigned the case.

And Tony's having a book launch in Edinburgh on February 9th. I'm hoping to make it there myself as Tony has promised me chocolate if I go. A new book by one of my favourite authors and chocolate? What more can a girl ask for?

But before that, if you live in Brunswick, Australia, then you can hear Tony talk about Celtic Noir tomorrow night. Although, if you do live in Brunswick, it's probably already tomorrow.

So, all you have to do to win the book is tell me something about yourself that I don't already know. Just leave it in the comments. Or, if it's really embarrassing, send me an e-mail and I promise not to tell more than 20 people. I'll then pull one lucky winner out of one of my favourite boots.

And, just to start you off, here's mine. I once played a butch, weightlifting nurse in a German play (I know, I know - typecast). A very nerve-wracking experience, especially since ad-libbing in German was not an option if I forgot my lines. Luckily, I was murdered at the end of Act I.


  1. I have green eyes and I'm left handed.....

    for a little celtic noir taster.

    and Donna, do you reckon he'll have a spare chocolateon the 9th

  3. Donna - Oh, thanks for hosting this giveaway :-). OK, something about me that you don't already know... Well, let's see... I used to do gymnastics when I was a kid; haven't in years, but I did.

  4. Small Town Girl - I would love green eyes!

    Nigel - will you be there? I'll share my chocolate - maybe...

    Margot - you're welcome. Were you good?

  5. when I was a kid I used to do Highland dancing. I did the highland fling on the back of a float while being driven around the town of Irvine.

    Signed, Anonymous.

  6. My first taste of being published was in the magazine Forum, which printed an erotic poem I'd written. Still got the cheque (£10) as a souvenir!

  7. I go from our rural home into Hannibal Missouri once a week--you know about that. But you may not know that every time I cross the Mississippi River from our Illinois into Missouri, I look down the river, and say, out loud, "Hi, Huck" to Huck Finn, a fictional character that I believe is mostly real and still there, on his raft or sitting by the river, thinking up a scheme. :-) Weird, of course, but it works for me! :-)

  8. Oh, I am so very glad I asked this question :o)

    Micha...errrrr...anonymous - photos, dear boy?

    Janet - care to share? The poem, not the cheque.

    Bobbie - and, having done the journey with you, I can see you doing it :o)

  9. Mm. I worked as a farmhand when I was quite young. Milked 65 cows twice a day for a year.

  10. I've ridden in elevators with both Bruce Springsteen and Richard Gere (alas, not at the same time).

  11. Share? No, not even for a free book. Sorry.

  12. Dorte - you must have very strong wrists...

    Rosemary - I was in a lift once with Robert Powell. I said something really stupid.

    Janet - spoilsport.

  13. I was once arrested for trying to blow up my place of employment after watching an episode of The outer Limits written by Harlan Ellison.

    Oh, and I've been ignored by Superman.

  14. Jim - how on EARTH (or maybe it was on Krypton) could Superman ignore you? And could you please explain that arrest? :o)