Thursday, 31 March 2011

Leaving on a jet plane

Well, I had my last day at work yesterday. If I tell you that I had cried twice by 9am then I think you can imagine the rest of the day. So now I have a few months to finish a screenplay and a book, before starting my postgrad course in September. Apparently, I now have another decision to make. Glasgow Uni has two student unions. One is for sporty debating types. The other has a lot of indie bands on. Yep. Decision made.

Tomorrow we're off to Berlin so this will probably be the last post for 10 days or so. And after that, there will, of course, be the usual gratuitous holiday post - just like last time. You have been warned.

Allan Guthrie has a new blog. And here he interviews Tony Black.

And another interview - Nicola Morgan interviews Aline Templeton.

Bernadette at Reactions To Reading loved Denise Mina's EXILE.

Ian Rankin talks about his five favourite literary crime novels.

An excellent post over at Douglas Lindsay's blog about putting books on Kindle. And, talking of books on Kindle, just in case there is anyone in the whole of Cyberspace who hasn't seen this - it's a priceless example of how not to behave when someone is kind enough to review your book.

Alexander McCall Smith is in Houston on April 4th and Clearwater, Florida on April 6th. And Make It Better has a chat with the man himself.

And Philip Kerr is in Scottsdale, Arizona on April 17th.

And, finally, a new journal of crime flash non-fiction - Fingerprints - has recently started. And I'm over there talking about something I've talked about here before - being half-mugged. Just click on the little thumbprint.

Tschuss! Bis bald.


  1. Donna - Congratulations on the next move in your life :-). And have a safe trip :-)

  2. Not relating to this post but you're first port of call with the following question:

    Any idea when Denise Mina's Field of Blood is on tv?

    Thanks for any assistance.

  3. I wish Alexander McCall Smith had made it to North Texas. I love his books.

  4. Whoops - i missed responses to this one - apologies!

    Margot - thank you1

    Darren - 6 May, I believe, but don't quote me!

    Ann - and he's good fun to hear speak, also.