Tuesday 5 April 2011

Berlin - A Short Photo Blog

Hello, dear Reader. No time to post actual words, but here are a couple of photos from Berlin.

At first, I thought this was an advert for Berlin's famous Curry Wurst. It's difficult to see from this picture but this poster is about 20 feet tall.

I have absolutely no idea what Dr Wood actually does.

The Death Star - aka Fernsehturm - visible from everywhere in Berlin.

The squat just along the road from our apartment.

The olympic table tennis team, practising the new disciplines of drinking and smoking mid-game.

This is Tacheles - former squat, now art house, bar, home of alternative culture. It smells as though you can pee everywhere in it.

Except here.

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  1. Those looked like words. Especially the dildoking...