Monday 25 April 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

This weekend's film viewing - Michael Haneke's FUNNY GAMES. Brrrr. Creepy. And great fun. Haneke is definitely playing games here and it made me want to lock the door and take a long bath and scrub my skin off.

The Guardian enjoyed Chris Ewan's THE GOOD THIEF'S GUIDE TO VENICE. And Chris has some excellent news re a TV deal for the Good Thief series. Wonderful.

The Washington Post reviews Philip Kerr's FIELD GRAY, as does the New York Times. I Meant To Read That loves Stuart MacBride's BLIND EYE, The Trib Live reviews Charles Cumming's THE TRINITY SIX.

JSOnline interviews Ian Rankin. And a great interview with Barry Graham over at Allan Guthrie's Criminal-E.

The National Post finds Alexander McCall Smith pert and punchy. A review of his opera in The Scotsman. And he's interviewed in The Guardian.

A thoughtful piece in the Guardian by Sara Sheridan on how genre and literary writers should just try to get along.

A rather excellent video for Helen Fitzgerald's LETZTE BEICHTE (MY LAST CONFESSION to you and me).


  1. Hi Donna. Thanks for the mention. Glad you think the TV news is wonderful!

  2. Chris - I do, dear boy :o)