Thursday 11 August 2011

I have a headache...

...and cannot think of a suitable title for this post, so here is the Scottish crime fiction news.

A sucker punch from Philip Kerr, apparently.

Nigel Bird reviews Douglas Lindsay's THE LONG MIDNIGHT OF BARNEY THOMPSON. Brilliant stuff, and I am thrilled to be mentioned in the same breath. My regular reader (hello Dad!) will know I am a big fan of Douglas Lindsay. And Nigel has been very busy. In Dancing With Myself Scottish crime fiction fan Fiona Johnson interviews herself. As does Doug Johnstone.

Talking of Doug Johnstone, here's another interview with him over at Len Wanner's excellent The Crime of It All. And you can catch him at various events over the next few months. Personally, I'm hoping to get to the Literary Death Match. It's a couple of days before we head off to Berlin, so hopefully I'll make it. I'm not quite sure how it works, despite this helpful article, but I'm sure it will be fun. Which makes me wonder who, dear reader, would you like to see in a Literary Death Match?

A great interview with the multi-talented Ray Banks over at Vince Keenan's blog (and goodness me, thank you, Ray!).

Chris Ewan is having a lovely time on his US grand tour.

A review of the theatrical adaptation of Alexander McCall Smith's THE WORLD ACCORDING TO BERTIE.

The Scotsman reviews Lin Anderson's PICTURE HER DEAD.

Like whisky? Like Ian Rankin's Rebus? Got a spare £1000? Just think how many bottles of Buckie you could buy with that.

Irvine Welsh on the cast of FILTH. And he returns home to Leith to support young talent.

Chris Brookmyre on the shortening of his name.

Finally, a look at Raymond Chandler's dislike for the genteel British amateur detective.


  1. Donna - Hope you feel better soon...

  2. Get well soon! Hope you are not having headaches because you are thinking of how to shorten your name. Don Moo? Na Ore?

    Best, Dor Hum Jack.

  3. Thanks both! It was just a fleeting malady.