Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Blasted this, and Blasted that

It's launch day for the marvellous Blasted Heath today. Just look at the goodies they have in store. And here's an article in today's Daily Record with a wee £3 off treat. And if you're in the US, Grift have a few Blasted dollars off too.

And, in other news (yes, it's not all about the Blasted Boys, you know...

Peter May on winning the Cezam and being piped onto the stage like a haggis.

Kate Atkinson's CASE HISTORIES on TV.

NPR on the mystery of those gorgeous paper sculptures.

More on the Million For A Morgue campaign.

Publisher's Weekly reviews Alexander McCall Smith's THE FORGOTTEN AFFAIRS OF YOUTH.

And just to sandwich this short post with the bread of goodness, those lovely lads at Byker Books have made all their titles available on the Kindle for less than a quid.

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