Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bikini Girls With Machine Guns

Sorry - no bikini girls or machine guns in this post - just another Cramps song title. Having said that, fans of bikini girls and/or machine guns should probably click on that link. Dad - that doesn't mean you. Here's a clip of Gardener's World for you.

More news on Scottish publisher Blasted Heath, with an interview with co-founder Kyle MacRae. And my annoying little brother Damien Seaman reads from his new book THE KILLING OF EMMA GROSS, which is published on 1st December. It's a great historical police procedural which fuses fact and fiction. It has as its backdrop the real life murders carried out by Düsseldorf serial killer Peter Kürten in the late 1920s (and every appearance of Kürten on the page sent a shiver down my spine), but it's about so much more than that and the fictional element is wonderful and full of heart. I loved it. And Heathen Ray Banks' BEAST OF BURDEN is reviewed by the perspicacious Alan Cranis at Bookgasm.

Sarah at Crimepieces (not Norm at Crimescraps!) with a very thoughtful review of Val McDermid's THE RETRIBUTION.

An interview with Ian Pattison. And the NZ Herald interviews Ian Rankin.

Joe Barone reviews M C Beaton's AS THE PIG TURNS, and Cyprus Life reviews AGATHA RAISIN AND THE TERRIBLE TOURIST.

Malcolm Redfellow on Philip Kerr.

More about the Anthony Horowitz Sherlock Holmes novel.

Off to see The Vaccines and The Arctic Monkeys tonight, then another day at university tomorrow. Anybody would think I was 18...well, until they saw me. 18 stone, maybe...


  1. Donna, I would like to claim that review of The Retribution at Crimepieces by Sarah, but there is no way I could pass for a Sarah, even without the beard.
    Obviously this was a subliminal error on your part mistaking Crime Scraps for Crimepieces, because I must be on your mind.
    I won't be showing my wife your photo, or she won't let me go to next year's Crime Fest.;-)

  2. LOL. Apologies to both you and Sarah, Norm. All fixed now. That's right, you must have been on my mind :o) And I think your trip would be safe!

  3. Thanks Norman - I was just going to drop Donna a note about the link. I can't comment on my likeness to you as i can't find a photo of you on your blog....

  4. And thanks Donna for the link

  5. I want pictures of girls in bikinis with machine guns *now*, dammit. Luring me on here with promises of titillation only to to find informative and useful information about books and authors. Shame on you, Wee Hen, you know what I like.


  6. Sarah - you're welcome.

    27 - I'm so sorry. I'll make up for it when we next go for lunch. By which, I mean I'll bring my machine gun, rather than wear a bikini.

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