Sunday, 20 November 2011

Call Me Irresponsible

Just a quick round-up post today. I've been out giving training all day and this evening we're off out to see The Vaccines. I have a soft spot for them, not least because last time we saw them they came on stage to the Ramones. This weekend's film viewing was THE HELP which I enjoyed more than I thought I was going to.

A review of Anthony Horowitz' new Sherlock Holmes story THE HOUSE OF SILK. It's also reviewed in The Telegraph, along with M C Beaton's AS THE PIG TURNS.

Louise Welsh and Zoe Strachan at Glasgow's Bibliocafe on 2nd December.

Alexander McCall Smith on the portrait of 'False Mary', as writers create imaginary lives for portraits with unknown sitters. What a lovely idea.

Allan Guthrie gets a mention in The Edinburgh Evening News.

Kirkus Reviews best 15 of 2011 (is it that time already?) includes Ian Rankin and Charles Cumming. Talking of Ian Rankin, The Hindustan Times reviews THE IMPOSSIBLE DEAD.

Reading Matters reviews Doug Johnstone's SMOKEHEADS. And Auntie Em reviews Denise Mina's THE END OF THE WASP SEASON.

Apparently, once you turn 40 you turn to biographies rather than fiction, economics books are going to be the big things next year (good grief, spare me), and it's irresponsible to read fiction in tough times. Well, call me irresponsible.


  1. A list from Maxim relevant to this blog:

  2. Well, you can call me irresponsibler ... and I have turned 50. I am sure a nice bit of escapism is the best way to cope with any crisis :O

  3. Piffle. Not you, our Donna - whoever said it was irresponsible to read fiction. I would even go as far as to call them a twat. But I don't want to offend your mum.