Friday, 9 April 2010

And the Winners Are...

The lucky (?) winners of OLD DOGS are Tim, Vince, Tania, Peter, Philip and Sylvia. In the end, I doubled those on offer and pulled 6 out of my boot because you're all so lovely and I'd love to give you all one. (That's a book, by the way, for the Finbar Saunders fans amongst you. Fnaaar Fnaaaar). If you could e-mail me your addresses, I will get the books off to you next week. On the other hand, if you've suddenly come to your senses and decided you're better off without a copy, that is perfectly fine.

Mysteries Galore reviews THE RUNNER by Peter May.

Aly Monroe on the third person narrator, The Third Man and names.

Stuart MacBride discusses forensics at the Edinburgh International Science Festival. With thanks to Helen for the link. And that reminds me, have a look at Helen's post on having your character take a personality test, and how I'm not the only person to have fun on buses. Good stuff.

More on the University of Aberdeen's Word Festival, featuring Philip Kerr amongst others. And a review of Philip Kerr's THE ONE FROM THE OTHER.

M C Beaton at the Swindon Festival of Literature on Tuesday 11th May.

ITV to adapt Lin Anderson's Glasgow set Rhona McLeod series.

And, finally, this helps to explain the man who got on my bus with a mini trampoline and a pair of rubber gloves something like this.


  1. Modesty doesn't suit you. If they don't send their addresses, threaten them with two copies each!

    That must have been a big boot! Oh, perhaps you didn't need to put the books in the boot. Just the names.

  2. You can have that Mick - I've already put my claim in for the whip and Karma Sutra. And the scuba diving suit.

    Bookwitch - LOL - there, they'll definitely send their addresses now! And I wore the boots and picked the names :o)

  3. I guess the gloves were for cleaning but what was the mini trampoline for? Spring diving into the inflatable pool? Or some kind of acrobatic show which would of course involve the pole and perhaps also the snake.

  4. Is the pole really pole dancing? If so, then I want it! Otherwise I'll go for the giant white pet rabbit and name it after the hedgehog Spiny Norman (perhaps omitting "Spiny").

    Actually I'm kind of relieved I didn't win as I don't really belong in a boot brimming with dedicated fans of crime fiction.
    Congratulations to the lucky winners. :)

  5. Helen - my eyes are watering at the thought :o)

    LOL Nicolai - I couldn't possibly comment on any pole dancing - I have no idea what it is ;o)