Thursday, 15 April 2010

In Which I Realise My Dad Is A Secret Agent

A youtube interview with Craig Robertson about his recently released book RANDOM and his next novel SNAPSHOT (which sounds great). And an interview with the author on

Caro Ramsay (who should blog more often!) on the good times and bad times of writing.

The Glasgow Herald features G J Moffat in an article on how Scottish crime fiction leads the way in law and disorder.

Peter May on being a prowler. And an audio interview on the Stuph File.

And, finally, even spies have to move with the times. Although it strikes me that if they can't use Facebook and Twitter, how do they cope with all those little pens that take photos and bugs in flower vases, and lovely stuff like that? Blimey, even my Dad uses Facebook and he's in his mid 70s. (Luckily, he hasn't yet discovered Twitter. It's the only place I am safe on the Internet. (Dad - you really wouldn't like Twitter by the way. Trust me.)) Wait...maybe my Dad is secretly a spy. All those trips to take the rubbish out aren't to have a secret cigar but to test out his night vision goggles. Then he cleverly sprays himself with Eau De Cigar, just so that my Mum gets the pleasure of saying "Have you been smoking those foul things again Patrick?" and he keeps his cover. And perhaps when I was down at Christmas and he whispered in the ear of the next door neighbour's dog "The daffodils in Prague are blooming early this year" that wasn't senility, but spy talk.

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  1. That took you long enough to work out.