Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Offensive Weapons and Duelling Donkeys

The Guardian on how the novel can be an offensive weapon (and they're not talking about sharp corners).

An interesting (as ever) blog from Margot Kinberg on creating a protagonist in your likeness or not.

Enjoy Alexander McCall Smith with appetizers and complimentary beverages (presumably some f-f-f-fave beans and a nice chianti). And, talking of Alexander McCall Smith, here he is on drinking whisky and running upstairs (but not at the same time).

A plethora of reviews. First of all, Mike Dennis is impressed by Ray Banks' hard-hitting prose in SUCKER PUNCH. And quite rightly so - Ray is a wonderful writer. Not being a boxing aficionado, I'm not sure why the title was changed from the UK version DONKEY PUNCH, but here's a picture of a pair of donkeys. Lourdes at Lost In Books had a good time with Ian Rankin's short story collection A GOOD HANGING, while the marvellously named Bad Tempered Zombie enjoyed EXIT MUSIC . Here's Rob Kitchin over at View From The Blue House with one of his invariably perspicacious reviews, this time of Tony Black's PAYING FOR IT. Fay Scheco with an excellent review of Denise Mina's GARNETHILL. And The Truth About Books reviews Val McDermid's FEVER OF THE BONE.

Christopher Brookmyre, amongst others, will be appearing at the Nairn Arts Festival in June.

And finally, Mr Cunard, if you need me, I can fill in any time you like.


  1. Donna - As always, such a nice roundup of happenings : ). I have to say I love the titles you choose for your posts.

    And thank you very much for mentioning my blog - very kind of you : ).

  2. Love the photo. And you know how people use LMAO as an answer sometimes, in online chats or posts? Well your expression and the donkey's expression, and your post, made me LMAOx3-you, the animal, and me....all together, ha.

    Donna, I read the review here of Denise Mina's Garnethill, and decided it's been too long for me. I've read all her work, just finished the newest one in fact. But I think I need to re-read Garnethill again (re-read it once years ago). Has been a while. And it's a truly one of a kind and masterful. Thanks for reminding me, it's time to see and feel and appreciate this writing, again.


  3. Well, a donkey punch isn't really the same thing as a sucker punch, Donna.

  4. Margot - thank you, and you're welcome :o)

    Bobbie - are you saying I have a face like a donkey? Or that I'm just an ass? :o) I loved Garnethill - you're right, it IS one of a kind.

    Paul - oo-eeeer- no wonder they changed the title!