Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A Girl's Guide To Shopping For Alaska

145 assorted lollies and sweets - check
49 assorted chocolate bars - check
32 mini packs of Cadburys Animals - check
14 children's books - check
8 packets of shortbread - check
85 ballpoint pens - check
9 notebooks - check
7 sets of coloured pencils - check
3 sets of ballpoint pens - check
4 packets of fudge - check
Something to keep bears away - errrrrr, no - nothing but my scintillating personality.

I'm heading off next Wednesday so I'm hoping flights will be back to relative normality by then. Both Alexander McCall Smith and Ian Rankin have, unfortunately, had to cancel events. This Saturday, Stuart MacBride, Allan Guthrie and I are going to the Isle of Man for the Mannslaughter and Mayhem event organised by the lovely Chris Ewan. We're supposed to be flying but have a back-up plan that consists of trains, boats, cars, horse and carriage, pedalo and tandem. Lin Anderson will have no such problems as she visits Perth's AK Bell Library in May.

A review of Ian Rankin's KNOTS AND CROSSES. And one of Denise Mina's SANCTUM.

A Sherlock Holmes game is coming to an ipad near you.

And, finally, thanks to those who asked how the Write, Camera, Action workshop went- it was really good fun. I was allocated a great director and two brilliant actors. It was really nervewracking at first but the scene developed, the actors added little bits of their own, and when it was performed in front of the audience it got a fair few laughs. And I got both Razzle and BUSES back at the end of the night. Result :o)


  1. Great packing list! :-) And of course, when you give these away on the trip, your luggage can purchased?

    Thank you for the report on Write, Camera, Action! Sounds great...and I imagine the fair few laughs were good ones and probably a lot of them. And you got your props back too. Result.

    Best wishes at Mannslaughter and Mayhem! We'll want to hear about that, too! Glad you have such organized second-choice travel plans, ha. And certainly hoping your flight will be going out on time to Alaska! Yes so many peoples' plans have been ruined by Mother Nature's mess, from big names to little ones.

    Thanks for update. Though you didn't tell us what you did with Razzle and Buses, after you got them back. :-)


  2. Donna, Donna, Donna - you need bear bells:

    They come in different colours to so you can accessories with your shoes :)

    Apparently the tinkling alerts the bears you are there and they quietly move away. Never having tested them I'm not sure how true this is - if all else fails you can listen to the soothing tinkles as the bear eats you ;)

  3. Donna - are you going to get through customs with all that stuff?

    BTW, just finished Old Dogs and LOVED it. Man you are funny! You must have had great fun writing it.

  4. If you're finished with BUSES and RAZZLE, I would happily re-home both of them, with at least one of them being used and appreciated, and the other recycled. Are you aware of my dislike of buses, by the way?

  5. Bobbie - you have hit the nail on the head - after all, I can't bring back and empty suitcase, can I? Not when Anchorage has a perfectly lovely Nordstroms shoe department.

    Sally - apparently, it would appear that you can answer the question "Does a bear shit in the woods" because you can recognise it because it's full of little bells :o)

    Michael - it's a worry "Do you have anything to declare Miss Moore?" "Only 231 assorted chocolates and sweets." "Peckish, are we?" And I am so glad you enjoyed OLD DOGS. I did have great fun writing it, indeed.

    27! I do believe this is the first time you have ever commented on my blog. I might have known that it would be the subject of...buses...that would bring you out :o)

  6. I forgot to tell you. I phoned Nordstroms the other day and talked them into closing, it will be an extra holiday for the staff.

  7. Dad - I know that's you. Ha ha very bloody funny. didn't REALLY ring them, did you?

  8. No, he didn't. They are getting in extra stock, just for you.

    That's not nearly enough books.

    I take it the 'food' is for yourself? Could take less of that and more books.

  9. LOL Bookwitch - that makes me feel MUCH better. The food is for the CHILDREN you cheeky witch :o) I must admit, though, the Milky Ways are calling my name...

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