Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Born To Die In Berlin

Well, tomorrow I'm off to Berlin for a week or so (note to burglars: there will be someone home, so don't bother). I will either post while I'm away, or I won't. Is that helpful? Probably not.

Isn't it brilliant that there seems to be a Ramones song title to fit all eventualities (I'm serious about that Ramones themed anthology by the way. I might just have to do it myself).

Anyway, here's to crime...

BBC Radio 4's Front Row is asking various authors to play a game of Consequences, with brilliant results.

Noir Journal looks at Philip Kerr's Bernie Gunther novels.

If You Can Read This blog reviews Catriona McPherson's AFTER THE ARMISTICE BALL, while Learning To Read enjoyed Christopher Brookmyre's A TALE ETCHED IN BLOOD AND HARD BLACK PENCIL.

And a couple of reviews for Kate Atkinson - first of all The Northern Echo reviews STARTED EARLY, TOOK MY DOG, and Insert Clever Title Here finds reading EMOTIONALLY WEIRD to be 'pure joy'.

West Lothian events for Christopher Brookmyre, Karen Campbell and Ken McClure.

An interview with Val McDermid in The Scotsman.

And finally, she's not Scottish, but she's my good pal - if you like dark (and often warped) short stories, check out my lovely mate Julie Lewthwaite's blog - Gone Bad.

Tschuss, meine Lieblinge, bis bald.


  1. Donna - Have a wonderful trip! Hope you enjoy it!

  2. Thanks for the nod, much appreciated. And have a lovely trip, dollface! J x

  3. Enjoy Berlin - it is a great place!

    Off to check out Julie´s blog.

  4. Margot - thank you - I'm really looking forward to it!

    Jools - you're welcome and thank YOU. I got home today to find a package! Much appreciated.

    Dorte - I'm sure I will. And you enjoy Jools' blog :o)