Saturday, 25 September 2010

Post Berlin Catch Up

Well, it's now back to post-Berlin normality. Writing my previous gratuitous holiday post made me all the more determined to go back next year. I'm still boring everyone at work with how fantastic it was.

Blogging might be a little bit thin on the ground over the next few weeks. I'm doing two courses - one in counselling, and one in teaching adult literacy. And then, of course, it's Bouchercon coming up. Woohoo! I will try and continue to post 3 or 4 times a week, but the posts might be shorter. What's that you said, dear Reader? 'Thank god for small mercies"?

We went to see Winter's Bone last night, based on one of my favourite books. It was part of my birthday weekend treats (I'm trying to string my birthday out for a whole week, but, sadly, that's being frowned upon and poo-poo'ed). Great film - not, of course, as good as the book, and the bad guys weren't anywhere near as scary as they are in print, but an excellent film nonetheless - as faithful as it could be to the book, and really well and sympathetically adapted. The posh people behind us didn't think much though - two couples with Kelvinside accents (where 'sex' is something you bring the coal home in). At the end of the film, there was silence for a few seconds and then one of the husbands said "Well, that was cheery, wasn't it?" Since the first thing we heard when he sat down was "Oh, Alastair, the film hasn't even started yet, I could have finished my peppermint tea" I think we knew it wasn't going to be his...well...his delicate bone china cup of peppermint tea.

Lots of reviews, reviewlets and opinions:
The Globe and Mail on Quintin Jardine's A RUSH OF BLOOD.
The Guardian on Val McDermid's TRICK OF THE DARK. While Buried Under Books loved FEVER OF THE BONE, as did Mostly Fiction.
A Day In The Life on Ian Rankin's BLOOD HUNT.
The charming Declan Burke in The Irish Times on Kate Atkinson's STARTED EARLY, TOOK MY DOG. Which was also enjoyed by Material Witness. And is reviewed here by the always-thoughtful Martin Edwards. Still on Kate Atkinson, Bridget Schaumann enjoyed CASE HISTORIES. And the lovely Dorte enjoyed WHEN WILL THERE BE GOOD NEWS.
Bookwagon on Philip Kerr's BERLIN NOIR trilogy. Bibliolathas also enthuses about Philip Kerr.
The Scotsman on Alexander McCall Smith's THE CHARMING QUIRKS OF OTHERS.

Arthur Conan Doyle's violin gets used.

Unfortunately, Babelfish doesn't translate videos, but here's a German report on Louise Welsh.

Read a Manda Scott short story here.

BBC Scotland to film Denise Mina's FIELD OF BLOOD. And here's the Inveresk Street Ingrate's opinion on that.

Catch Aline Templeton at the Carnegie Library in Ayr on September 26th.

And I really, really, really want to stay at this hotel. And never leave.

Have a lovely weekend, dear reader. No post until Monday or Tuesday as we're off to sunny Fife-shire.


  1. I had no idea the fabulous Winter's Bone was book-based.

    ::runs off to Till's Bookshop at once::

  2. Why do movie goers come in unprepared for the sort of movie they are about to see? And why is "cheery" a good thing in art? If art reflects life how could it be cheery much of the time?

  3. Oh Donna, you've seen Winter's Bone in the movies! I sure want to see it, but will not play here in my small midwestern town...but certainly am going to buy it on DVD! And yes, it's one I was leery about, since films are never ever quite as good as the books, we know that. And WINTER'S BONE by Daniel Woodrell..among my top reads, and he's a very top fave author of mine, so it's quite an event. The trailers I watched show me they have gotten enough of it correct that I'll view it. Yay that you got to see it! And swearywords towards those comments you heard. :-)

    I also sort of agree that Paddy Meehan's FIELD OF BLOOD portrayal by Mina might not be as good as the book--it won't be! And agree with the comment, thank goodness no one is filming GARNETHILL, it can never be anywhere near the book imo. But that's just biased old me. :-)

    Good links here, thanks! And shorter posts are fine girl, you go ahead and do your studies in classes--it's important for several reasons! And of course we'll expect Bouchercon reports when you have time. :-) Including seeing Daniel Woodrell! :-)


  4. It annoys me SO MUCH when you see actors/ directors talking about movies based on books and no-one gives the book a mention. They wouldn't be able to do all those wonderful things with their characters if the author didn't write the book in the first place. A little credit people! Ok. koff. rant over.

  5. MJ - if you've never read WINTER'S BONE, you're in for a treat.

    Patti - I have no idea what they thought they were going to see, but they'd apparently read the reviews beforehand!

    Bobbie - I think you'd actually enjoy it :o) I thought the baddies weren't as bad as they could be, and the place looked a bit more scenic than it should, and it definitely wasn't as cold as it should be, but apart from that it was excellent. Different from the book, yes, but good all the same.

    Michael - they should have the writer's names in enormous letters, right uner the title :o)

  6. I hope I'm wrong about BBC Scotland's upcoming adaptation of Denise Mina's Field of Blood but, in my experience, the more you love a writer the greater the disappointment with tv and film adaptions.

    I guess I'm just too precious about these things. ;-)

  7. Darren - I really hope you're wrong too! I always start to watch TV shows and films based on books I love with a sense of dread.