Monday, 15 November 2010

From Nuns To Geezers

Irvine Welsh ran a competition to appear as a character in Skagboys. I love the name of the band, but I'm not writing it as it will bring all sorts of weird traffic here (you have no idea how many people come here after searching for the phrase 'nymphomaniac nuns' or, even worse, enter the site via the picture of me posing with a donkey).

The charming Nigel Bird, over at Sea Minor, is currently running a series of interviews called 'Dancing With Myself' which is writers interviewing themselves (very sneaky, young Nigel. The whole series is well worth a read, but the two most recent are Ian Rankin and Ray Banks.

More interviews - Caroline Dunford in The Scotsman, and Alexander McCall Smith in the Boston Globe. And Alexander McCall Smith tells The Book Show his favourite line from literature.

Stuart MacBride on being on the brink.

Excellent news from Douglas Lindsay HQ - 21 YEARS ON THE BACK OF DIXIE KLONDYKE'S SPANISH GUITAR is now available.

A couple of reviews from Eurocrime - firstly Tony Black's LOSS, secondly Philip Kerr's FIELD GREY - which is also reviewed in The Scotsman. And a few more reviews gleaned from a spider-y crawl of the web - A Work in Progress with a very thoughtful review of Gillian Galbraith's BLOOD IN THE WATER, Kate Atkinson's STARTED EARLY, TOOK MY DOG reviewed by the Vancouver Sun.

And, finally, looks like Letty and Dora in OLD DOGS may not be so far off the mark after all...


  1. thank you Donna for the mention and the link.
    it is an easy option to ask people to to interview themselves, but it's done to avoid asking questions that show off more about the interviewer than the interviewee. and i'm loving them all. monday nights will be Discount Noir nights for a short while, so they'll be worth tuning in for.
    and here i am drumming my fingers shouting for more...

  2. Arh, I am sure he just won that competition because he was called Hutchison. You just try to integrate my middle name, Hummelshøj, in a Scottish story.

  3. Nigel - yep, I've been loving the interviews and am looking forward to the Discount Noir ones :o)

    Dorte - is that a challenge? :o)

  4. Course. This story ain´t big enough for the two of us, gal! ;)