Sunday, 28 November 2010

I Miss The Dead Dictators' Widows' Society

Bookblog for Bookworms with a piece on Kate Atkinson.

The best of the year lists are starting to appear. First of all, Ian Rankin (amongst others) weighs in with his favourites in The Guardian, and over in The Telegraph, Sadie Jones enjoyed Alice Thompson's THE EXISTENTIAL DETECTIVE.

Heath Lowrance over at the excellent Psycho-Noir has been getting people to list their top 20 noir novels. And here's my list (thanks for asking me, Heath, it was fun (of course, I'm now kicking myself for the ones I didn't include)).

Alexander McCall Smith will be appearing at the Bath Literature Festival at the end of February.

Denise Mina is interviewed in The Scotsman.

Val McDermid's Pick Of The Week on BBC Radio 4.

A Good Old-Fashioned 120 Unit Week reviews John Buchan's GREENMANTLE. Nice to see old stuff getting reviewed.

A report on the Lennoxlove Book Festival, including Ian Rankin thrilling the crowd with the revelation that Rebus may be back.

And another report of Val McDermid and Sophie Hannah at the Manchester Literature Festival. And the lovely Dorte reviews DEAD BEAT.

I've been wondering why I haven't received a request for cash from Mrs Sese-Seko and the rest of The Dead Dictators' Widows' Society for a while and here's my answer - they're all too busy conning Scotland's councils.

And, finally, talk about adding insult to injury...


  1. Thank you for the link. You have some brilliant writers (sorry, you ARE some brilliant writers) up there, Donna.

  2. It is incredible that Scotland's councils have been conned. This along with the Royal Bank of Scotland saga must finally end the myth that the Scottish are careful with money. ;o)

  3. i'm thinking of building a wall somewhere in my house. blocking the front door seems like a good idea, though i might put in a secret door for weekends.

  4. Donna, great Noir List! Of the ones I've read-about half, I agree, they are good noir books, top reads. And I've added the other half to my list, will look for those! And Donna, please list the ones you didn't include, we'd love more good noir reads!

    The article about Denise Mina was so good, what a classy sassy smart quirky interesting woman--I sure like her attitude! And listening to Val on the radio link you gave was also very good-quiet voice, but the words strike one with such intelligence and focus.

    Thanks Donna! And with the others, I surely hope you are feeling better all the time! We need you. :-)


  5. Did you see my blog on Val and Sophie? I suppose it might be too witchy for real criminal blogs...

  6. Talking of Rebus coming back, there'll be a short story in the Mail over Xmas, I believe. Something involving shoplifting and the Santa run on Princes Street.

  7. Dorte and Norm - LOL.

    Nigel - in the back of a wardrobe?

    Bobbie - as I included the Denise Mina link in I thought of you, as I know you're a huge fan! And yes, I'm feeling much better thank you!

    Bookwitch - no, I didn't see it or I would have included it! And I can't find it on your blog. E-mail me the link and I'll include it next time.

    Tim - so I understand - should be great!

  8. Donna, so....are you going to post the noir books you didn't post before? Pretty please? hmmm no pretty in noir...darkly ugly gritty please? :-) and so very glad you are feeling better.