Thursday, 4 November 2010

"Strange Ajatteleminenkin Abdominal Symptoms"

It all happens in Ian Rankin's neighbourhood. And here's a review of DOORS OPEN.

Alexander McCall Smith on adjectives. And the BBC goes inside the No. 1 Ladies Opera House.

Louise Welsh talks to The Book Show. And in an interview at The Afterword.

Iain Banks opens Gourock Library.

If you're in Edinburgh between 16th and 20th November, you could go and see Caroline Dunford's play about body-snatchers Burke and Hare. And, while you're there, you could go and see Ian Rankin and Gunnar Staalesen in conversation on November 26th.

I've mentioned Len Wanner's site The Crime Of It All before, but it's so good I'm going to mention it again. Hundreds of interviews, plus reviews and articles, amongst other things.

A review of Stuart MacBride's Flesh House - if you speak Finnish. If not, don't worry, Google Translate is here to help (since Babelfish sadly doesn't do Finnish): "I think I will take to go vegan. This book creates a strange ajatteleminenkin abdominal symptoms."

Maxine Clarke with one of her always thoughtful reviews over at Eurocrime. This time Karen Campbell's SHADOWPLAY.

And, finally, the always funny Douglas Lindsay with the revolutionary 10am, 10 second Barney Thomson novel. Definitely not a 'scrotum's worth of balls'. One thing though, Mr Lindsay, if my maths is correct I'm going to be about 118 by the time it's done.


  1. Hi Donna, The Staalesen/Rankin event is actually on the 26th. They're holding a draw on 17th for those who want to attend.

  2. I think it must mean they are going to be sick. And for a Finn that's not saying a little.
    But at least it provided me with the day's first and most likely only laugh.