Tuesday, 9 November 2010

It's The Tuesday Sunday Round-Up

This weekend's film viewing included Glasgow-set DONKEYS from Sigma Films - the second in a loosely linked trio of films that started with the wonderful RED ROAD. Donkeys is a very black comedy about a man (superbly played by James Cosmo) who sets out to make amends with his family. Quirky, dark, funny, touching, sad. And it had the added pleasure of being shown with a hilariously gross and brilliant short called I Love Luci.

An interesting article over at Lenin's Tomb about the reality TV series Cops and draws a comparison with police in crime fiction.

BooksPlease has a piece on Joyce Holms. I'm very pleased to see this as she deserves to be far better known. For those who enjoy their crime fiction on the lighter side (but definitely not sweet and sugary), give Joyce Holms a try.

And for those who like their crime fiction on the warped side, here's a great interview with the deliciously warped Helen Fitzgerald.

If you are in the Shetlands, you could spend several evenings with Stuart MacBride.

A few reviews - firstly, one of Denise Mina's graphic novel A SICKNESS IN THE FAMILY. Over at The Game's Afoot Jose Ignacio Escribano reviews Ian Rankin's RESURRECTION MEN, the FT reviews Philip Kerr's FIELD GREY, and Kelsey's Book Corner reviews Val McDermid's THE TORMENT OF OTHERS.

And, finally, from the 'no comment' department...


  1. I really like this new Tuesday Sunday concept.

    I suppose it also means I can treat Tuesday like a Sunday (meaning no classes) and my vicar husband can treat Sunday like a Tuesday (meaning no services)?

  2. Donna, thanks for your reference. I do like the Tuesday Sunday concept as well. Besides, today Tuesday 9 Nov is a holiday in Madrid. We celebrate the patron saint of Madrid, the Almudena virgin.

  3. Dorte - yes. And yes :o)

    Jose Ignacio - I hope you had a had an enjoyable day. How nice to have a Tuesday off. All our holidays fall on a Monday.